Sullivan’s Pond (from the banks of Findlay’s Pond), Dartmouth

This photo appears to be looking north, the opposite direction of this other photo of Sullivan’s Pond and Findlay’s Pond, but more than 20 years later on Oct 24th, 1890.

The large three story house in the center of the photo framed by two trees at the edge of Findlay’s pond is 84 Crichton Avenue today (Lakeside), the house to its left at further distance is likely the Crichton Manor house (The Brae), the houses on the ridge to the left are on Thistle Street, or perhaps it’s Rose.

I didn’t see it at first glance, but the caisson in Sullivan’s Pond helped with orientation.

A general idea of what the view looks like today:

“Shubenacadie Canal: Sullivan’s Pond, Dartmouth”, Oct 24, 1890.

“The Dominion of Canada; a study of annexation”

“The Canadian colonies have always been deprived of representation in the Imperial government, and, until the recent Dominion Constitution, prescribed by act of the British Parliament in 1867, they had few privileges of self-government. The colonial government given to Canada after the fall of the French power was not even as liberal as that under … Read more

Local Government in Nova Scotia

Background:Although there were no parliamentary institutions of any kind in the area during the French regime, local government of one sort or another has existed in Nova Scotia from the founding of Port Royal in 1605. It began not with elected municipal councils, nor with incorporated towns and cities, not even with the Court of … Read more

A brief history of the [Black] Baptists of Nova Scotia and their first organization as churches

banook baptism black history

This “authors apology” is so eloquent, it perfectly describes how I feel in relation to Dartmouth and so I had to include it, I can only hope to have a fraction of their humility and ability. Anything that seemed to relate to Dartmouth I’ve included here as follows. “THE AUTHOR’S APOLOGY: This little messenger, presented … Read more

Annual report of the Department of Education 1890-91

“Reports of Inspectors of Schools: Dartmouth has provided a house, in the north end, with two departments. The site is retired, dry and pleasant, surrounded with forest trees. What has been known as Tuft’s Cove school occupies one of the rooms. The “Greenvale” house has four large and well ventilated rooms. The basement is well … Read more

Acadia And Thereabouts

“Then one should visit Dartmouth, across the harbor from Halifax, so picturesquely dropped among its dark hills. Ferry-boats run every quarter hour between the places. The town has some 6,000 inhabitants, a sugar refinery, a marine railway, a rope-walk, a skate factory, and – by no means least imposing feature – the great grim pile … Read more

The Church of England in Nova Scotia and the Tory clergy of the revolution

“In the United States there should be much interest in the Diocese of Nova Scotia, for that Diocese owes its existence to the Tories of the Revolution, who went in thousands from New York and Massachusetts to the “Acadian Province by the Sea,” and its first bishop was, at the outbreak of the war, the … Read more

A list of [Mi’kmaq] names of places, rivers, etc., in Nova Scotia

“The following list of [Mi’kmaq] names of places, rivers, etc., in Nova Scotia and neighborhood was compiled, at my request, by Miss Elizabeth Frame, of Shubenacadie, for the library of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and was duly presented at the meeting on June 9, 1892. She was aided in her labors by a [Mi’kmaq], as … Read more

The county court manual: being a collection of the statutes relating to the practice, procedure and jurisdiction of the county courts of Nova Scotia

“County courts were first established in Nova Scotia by 37 Vict., c. 18 which was passed on the 7th of May, 1874, but did not go into operation until proclamation made by Lieutenant-Governor in Council (Acts 1874, c. 18, s. 57). Proclamation was made and the act came into force on the 21st of August, … Read more

Annual Report 1894


Mayor’s Report for the Year 1894 Ladies and Gentlemen, -I have the honor to submit for your information and approval, a report of the proceedings of your Council for the year ending December 31st last. I have decided for your better information to give you the detailed reports as submitted by the Chairmen of the … Read more

Annual Report 1890


Ladies and gentlemen: The second year of my official duties as mayor of this town having closed, it affords me the opportunity to place before you the following report of the several services that have engaged the attention and exertions of your council. The most important of which are the ferry, between the Town and … Read more

“Go to Halifax”


An article of note for the information it provides in regards to the Dartmouth Ferry Commission’s first external ferry purchase, the Annex. It’s full of interesting observations. “In this generation it is safe to give one advice to go to Halifax. Such was not the case in the days of our great grandfathers. To send … Read more

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