“Expansion has been from the earliest day the policy of our country…evidence from fathers of the republic”

“WASHINGTON PROGRESSIVE. HE HOPED THAT CANADA WOULD BECOME A PART OF THE UNION—HIS VALLEY FORGE LETTER. “And lastly, another Province (Nova Scotia), which some time ago was very desirous of it, would be added to the Federal Union. It may not be amiss to give Bermuda some consideration, as circumstances in the course of the … Read more

Local Government in Nova Scotia

Background:Although there were no parliamentary institutions of any kind in the area during the French regime, local government of one sort or another has existed in Nova Scotia from the founding of Port Royal in 1605. It began not with elected municipal councils, nor with incorporated towns and cities, not even with the Court of … Read more

The coal-fields and coal industry of eastern Canada: a general survey and description

“The monopoly of the General Mining Association was a source of great irritation to the people of Nova Scotia, and the events leading to what was then known as “the breaking of the Duke of York’s lease” form one of the most interesting chapters of the development of responsible government in Nova Scotia. After a … Read more

A short statement of facts relating to the history, manners, customs, language, and literature of the [Mi’kmaq] tribe

This contains the most charitable and interesting sections of the book. Many of these vintage titles I’ve found contain so much that is superfluous or offensive that I try to be selective, not to paint a pretty picture, but to find anything that approached a realization of the gravity of the situation. I don’t think … Read more

Statistics Relative to Nova Scotia in 1851

“The constitution of Nova Scotia is a representative provincial government. The Lieutenant-Governor, who is subordinate to the Governor-General of British North America, is commander within the province; and the supreme civil as well as military authority under him, is a council of twelve members, of whom the bishop and chief justice are members ex officio, … Read more

Catalogue of books in the Nova Scotia Legislative Council Library

“Catalogue: Acts of the Parliament (sic) of Virginia, 1660 to 1748, Annals of Congress from 1789 to 1797, Assembly Journals of New York 1850 to 1855, Assembly Documents of New York 1850 to 1855, Senate Journals of New York 1850 to 1855, Senate documents of New York 1850 to 1855, Chalmer’s Introduction to the History … Read more

Acadia, or, A month with blue noses

“As I said before, to make the festivities complete, in the afternoon there was a procession to lay the corner-stone of a Lunatic Asylum. But oh! how the jolly old rain poured down upon the luckless pilgrimage! There were the “Virgins” of Masonic Lodge No. -, the Army Masons, in scarlet; the African Masons, in … Read more

The Maritime Provinces, 1850-1939: Lawyers and Legal Institutions

The achievement of Responsible government in the Maritimes created possibilities for significant change in their legal cultures. Whether those possibilities were actualised is a matter of some debate, closely linked to a major theme in Maritime historiography: the meaning of responsible government. An older literature, echoing much contemporary opinion, celebrated the triumph of the reformers … Read more

Resolutions for defining the nature and foundation of the self-government of Nova Scotia in her local affairs, and in favor of an elective legislative council

“…it is of importance that the people of this country should be free from danger. For, sir, without professing a prophetic spirit, let me say that if the principles I am now contending for be not distinctly acknowledged, the time will come when Governors will attempt to exercise the power they now nominally possess, and … Read more

Nova Scotia and Nova Scotians

“Dartmouth, on the opposite side of the safe and spacious harbour, offered an inviting appearance for the formation of a village, and in one year after the foundation of Halifax, some of the company of Lord Cornwallis passed over and commenced a settlement. But a sad catastrophe befell the little town: in six years from … Read more

Law reports : containing decisions of the Bench of the Supreme Court in Nova Scotia between the years 1834 and 1841

“Esson v. Mayberry. Trinity Term, 1841. The grantee of a water lot, bounded on the shore, is entitled to take up to high-water mark; and that line of his grant changes with the gradual encroachment or retirement of the sea. …The plantiff derived his title to the land in question through several mesne conveyances, from … Read more

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