Ran Away


From the subscriber, Daniel Craney, a black man, a regular indented servant, whoever is found harbouring or employing the said Daniel, will be prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the law – he is between 40 and 50 years of age, of middle stature and stout made. Whoever will bring the said man back, shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble. James Norris. Fort Ellis, Nov. 6.

Acadian Recorder, 2 December 1815, Volume 3 Number 49. https://archives.novascotia.ca/newspapers/archives/?ID=906&Page=201113611

Run Away

run away2

From the subscriber, an indented apprentice, by the name of James Full, about 18 years of age – had on him when he went away, a blue jacket and trowsers, a glazed hat, is a little marked with the small pox – this is to caution any person or persons to harbour the said apprentice as legal steps will be taken to prosecute any person who will harbour the said James Full, and any information given so that he may be apprehended, a handsome reward will be given by Asa Scott. Jan 27.

Acadian Recorder, 27 January 1816, Volume 4 Number 5. https://archives.novascotia.ca/newspapers/archives/?ID=915&Page=201113645



Came into the subscribers pasture at Dartmouth about the last of July, a red and white Cow. The owner may have her by proving property and paying expences. Dartmouth, Dec. 16. John Reeves.

Run Away

run away

From the subscriber, at Mount Pleasant, Shibbenaccadie, a Apprentice of the name Patrick O’Brein, of the age of 18 years, had on a black jacket, Blue and white trousers, and waistcoat homemade, about five ft. seven inches high, dark brown hair, large blue eyes, rather slim made, white long features a very handsome set of teeth.

Also, a mulatto, of the name James Lucas, about 30 years of age – Had on round jacket and trowsers, about five ft. ten inches high – Also a black man of the name of James Trenner, stout made; light, short, blue and white cotton home made coat – They are supposed to have gone off together. Whoever will stop either of the above described persons and keep them, in such a manner that the subscriber may recover them again, shall recieve Forty shillings for each, and all reasonable expences paid – and all Captains and Masters of vessels are hereby forbid at their peril to carry either of the above described persons out of the province, as they shall answer to the most rigid statutes of law in that case provided, and all others are hereby forbid to harbour either of them. William Jenkins. Mount Pleasant, July 24th, 1815.

Acadian Recorder, 26 August 1815, Volume 3 Number 35. https://archives.novascotia.ca/newspapers/archives/?ID=892

To Be Sold at Auction


By Bowie & Deblois On Saturday the 27th inst. at the New Sessions House

That eligible place belonging to the subscriber for building a gentleman’s summer residence or converting to a small farm, on the road leading from Dartmouth upon the narrows, opposite the Naval hospital, possessing a commanding prospect, a brook of water running through the whole with three falls tory by water, or an iron furnace, and a large building said brook capable of working a sey (?) the manufacin on the same, with two chimneys; the whole plat containing four and a half acres of excellent land. Any person inclining to view the premises is requested to apply to Edward Foster at Dartmouth, the proprietor. May 20.

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