Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia (in Dartmouth Township)

dart-township-1865 map

“Whereas some uncertainty exists as regards the limits of the Township of Dartmouth… Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, that the lines of the Township of Dartmouth shall be established and settled as follows, beginning on the Eastern side of Bedford Basin at the head of Pace’s cove at low … Read more

History of Halifax City

“The [Indigenous people] had appeared in the neighborhood of the town for several weeks, but intelligence had been received that they had commenced hostilities, by the capture of twenty persons at Canso… On the last day of September they made an attack on the sawmill at Dartmouth, then under the charge of Major Gilman. Six … Read more

The draft of a charter, for the incorporation of the town of Halifax in the province of Nova-Scotia

“The following plan for regulating the municipal affairs of this Town, has been drawn up in the form of a Charter, as the clearest and best method to express the extent of the proposed improvements. The objects have been pointed out by a thorough investigation into the various modes of conducting the public business; which … Read more

A map of Cabotia: comprehending the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, New-Brunswick and Nova-Scotia with Breton Island, Newfoundland & c. and including also the adjacent parts of the United States

maritimes map

Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division, The New York Public Library. “A map of Cabotia” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1814.

Rules and regulations for the establishment and government of a watch and patrol in the town of Halifax

“The said committees shall be appointed by the Magistrates, who shall likewise fill up all vacancies, and the said Committees shall within three days after due notice to them given, make an Alphabetical list of such persons resident within their respective Wards from eighteen years of age and upwards (not being House Servants, Daily Laborers, … Read more

On the Deplorable State of the [Indigenous People]

“A human being as he comes originally from the hand of nature, is everywhere the same.” “…The Planter was now struck with shame, and confusion, when he recognized, in his kind protector the [Indigenous person] whom he so harshly treated. He confessed that he knew him, and was full of excuses for his brutal behavior; … Read more

Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Dartmouth Point

dartmouth cove

Parkyns, George Isham. “Halifax, Nova Scotia, from Dartmouth Point” 1817. Aquatint and etching, inked in greyish green and dark greyish yellowish brown, coloured with water colour, on wove paper. Laid down on cardboard.

The story of Christ Church, Dartmouth

“When Halifax was first settled, this side of the harbor was the home and hunting ground of the [Mi’kmaq]. Soon after the settlement of Halifax, Major Gillman built a saw mill in Dartmouth Cove on the stream flowing from the Dartmouth lakes. On September 30th 1749, the [Indigenous people] attacked and killed four and captured … Read more

A brief description of Nova Scotia with plates of the principal harbors

dartmouth map

“Since 1749 Nova Scotia has been governed by: General Hopson in 1752 Governor Lawrence in 1756 Rd. Monckson, Esq. Aug 17, 1757 Justice A. Belcher Oct. 1761 Gov. Wilmot, 1763, died 1766 Hon. Michael Franklin, Lieut.-Gov. 1766, continued two months Gov. Francis Legge 1773 Lieut-Gov. Arbuthnot 1776 Lieut.-Gov Richard Huhges 1778 Lieut.-Gov Sir And. Hammond … Read more

Law reports : containing decisions of the Bench of the Supreme Court in Nova Scotia between the years 1834 and 1841

“Esson v. Mayberry. Trinity Term, 1841. The grantee of a water lot, bounded on the shore, is entitled to take up to high-water mark; and that line of his grant changes with the gradual encroachment or retirement of the sea. …The plantiff derived his title to the land in question through several mesne conveyances, from … Read more

Chronological Table of Dartmouth, Preston, and Lawrencetown

dartmouth township

1746-1799 Duc d’Anville arrived at Chebucto, 10 Sept 1746 Halifax founded, 21 June 1749 [Indigenous people] attacked 6 men at Maj. Gilman’s saw-mill, Dartmouth Cove, killing 4, 30 Sept 1749 Saw-mill let to Capt. Wm. Clapham, 1750 Alderney arrived from Europe with 353 settlers, Aug. 1750 Town of Dartmouth laid out for the Alderney emigrants, … Read more

Body politic, Body corporate ⁠— City limits

dartmouth city limits

An examination of the legislated spatial dimensions of Dartmouth – from its initial definition as a township, care of the Royal instructions that accompanied Cornwallis in 1749, to its dissolution by fiat into a county masquerading as a city in Nova Scotia’s municipal coup of 1996. “And whereas for the better security, regulation and government … Read more

Dartmouth in the Legislature, Public Acts 1789-1996

A list of all of the acts passed in the Nova Scotia legislature from 1789-1996 in regards to Dartmouth, be it “Dartmouth Town”, the “Dartmouth town plot”, “Dartmouth township”, the “Town of Dartmouth” or the “City of Dartmouth”.

From John Adams to Boston Patriot, 8 August 1811

““It is acknowledged, that the Earl of Sterling had made some attempts to settle the Province of Nova Scotia, according to the grant thereof in 1621, and no doubt was at great expence, but being discouraged, about the year 1630, actually sold it to the French, by which unwarrantable proceeding Latour and others possessed themselves … Read more

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