A brief history of the [Black] Baptists of Nova Scotia and their first organization as churches

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“THE AUTHOR’S APOLOGY: This little messenger, presented to the public, is a collection of information gained from many of the oldest members of the Churches in the Association, where records were imperfectly kept, and, in many instances, none whatever. I am aware that every person who attempts a work of this kind is left open … Read more

Opinions of several gentlemen of the law, on the subject of [Black] servitude, in the province of Nova-Scotia

“James Delancey, Esquire, of Annapolis, in the Province of Nova Scotia, had a [Black] slave, named Jack, who run away from his service without leave, and went to Halifax, above an hundred miles distant from Annapolis, where he was taken into the service of a Mr. Wooden on wages. On hearing this, Col. Delancy directed … Read more

The Great Awakening in Nova Scotia, 1776-1809

“In the year 1799 the Bishop of Nova Scotia reported to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts that the Province was being troubled by “an enthusiastic and dangerous spirit” among the sect called “Newlights”, whose religion seemed to be a “strange jumble of New England Independency and Behmenism.” Through the … Read more

Speech on Elective Councils (Senate)


On moving the eleventh resolution, on the 3rd of March (1837), Mr. Howe made a speech that is worth preserving, for various reasons. Those who defended the old system of government assumed, first, that the institutions of the United States had failed to secure liberty and happiness, and that by yielding responsible government, republican institutions … Read more

Builders of Nova Scotia


“I have also thought it due to the pioneers in the religious development of Nova Scotia to give a brief sketch of the establishment of the five great denominations, the Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Church of England and Methodists – who comprise in their membership nearly all the population of the province, where the Church … Read more

The slave in Canada (1899)

“The total number of [Black] slaves brought into Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island from the revolted colonies previous to the summer of 1784 may be estimated with some approach to certainty. Under instructions from Sir Guy Carleton, Colonel Morse, commanding Royal Engineer, made a tour of the Provincial settlements in the autumn … Read more

The slave in Canada (1920)

“That slavery existed in Canada before its conquest by Britain in 1759-60, there can be no doubt, although curiously enough it has been denied by some historians and essayists. The first [Black] slave of which any account is given was brought to Quebec by the English in 1628. He was a young man from Madagascar … Read more

Slavery in the Maritime Provinces

“[Black] slaves were among the population of Halifax from the beginning or very shortly after. Where they came from is uncertain and it has been suggested that they came with the original settlers across the ocean. In the absence of any other explanation more plausible, this might be accepted. Lord Mansfield’s decision in the Somerset … Read more