“Expansion has been from the earliest day the policy of our country…evidence from fathers of the republic”

“WASHINGTON PROGRESSIVE. HE HOPED THAT CANADA WOULD BECOME A PART OF THE UNION—HIS VALLEY FORGE LETTER. “And lastly, another Province (Nova Scotia), which some time ago was very desirous of it, would be added to the Federal Union. It may not be amiss to give Bermuda some consideration, as circumstances in the course of the … Read more

Local Government in Nova Scotia

Background:Although there were no parliamentary institutions of any kind in the area during the French regime, local government of one sort or another has existed in Nova Scotia from the founding of Port Royal in 1605. It began not with elected municipal councils, nor with incorporated towns and cities, not even with the Court of … Read more

Vacation days in Nova Scotia

“Dartmouth, with its pretty chain of lakes… (is) well worth a visit” Anderson, Thomas F. “Vacation days in Nova Scotia” Kentville, N.S. : Dominion Atlantic Railway, 1908. https://www.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.71101/52?r=0&s=1

Pioneers of medicine in Nova Scotia

“John Prescott, a third son (of Dr. Jonathon Prescott), purchased and lived at Maroon Hall, Dartmouth, for many years.” Campbell, D. A. “Pioneers of medicine in Nova Scotia” [Halifax, N.S.? : s.n.], 1905. https://www.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.76132/1?r=0&s=1

Institutionalizing Eugenics: Custody, Class, Gender And Education In Nova Scotia’s Response To The “Feeble-Minded”, 1890-1931

“Between 1890 and 1927 hundreds of Nova Scotian children and adults were identified as either feeble-minded or mentally deficient through investigations conducted by physicians and philanthropists in the province. The earliest of these studies were not commissioned by the provincial government but instead reflected the middle-class internalization of the eugenic discourse. Reformers, drawn often from … Read more

Halifax County Poor Farm

poor-farm-1864 map

“The first municipal institution built to house the county’s poor and mentally ill was constructed in about 1887 in Cole Harbor.” https://www.memoryns.ca/halifax-n-s-county-halifax-county-home-and-mental-hospital

Body politic, Body corporate ⁠— City limits

dartmouth city limits

An examination of the legislated spatial dimensions of Dartmouth – from its initial definition as a township care of the Royal instructions that accompanied Cornwallis in 1749, to its dissolution into a county masquerading as a city in one of Nova Scotia’s city county mergers by fiat (aka a “municipal coup”) in 1996. “And whereas … Read more

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