“The history of Kings County, Nova Scotia, heart of the Acadian land”

“Until January, 1757, the Governor and Council ruled alone in Nova Scotia, at that time, after long debate, it was decided that a Representative Assembly should be created, and that there should be elected for the province at large, until counties should be formed, twelve members, besides four for the township of Halifax, two for … Read more

Dartmouth Shore, 1786

“Dartmouth Shore, N.S., 1786. From Anchorage off Naval Yard, Halifax, Looking Eastward. A general view of the town of Dartmouth as it appeared at this period, is here given. It is impossible, however, to identify most of the buildings, which were merely dwellings. Dartmouth was first settled in 1750. On 2nd March, 1786, the old … Read more

History of Halifax City

“The [Indigenous people] had appeared in the neighborhood of the town for several weeks, but intelligence had been received that they had commenced hostilities, by the capture of twenty persons at Canso… On the last day of September they made an attack on the sawmill at Dartmouth, then under the charge of Major Gilman. Six … Read more

View of Halifax from Dartmouth Cove

dartmouth gallery

Haghe, Louis. “View of Halifax from Dartmouth Cove” 1828. Lithograph, coloured with water colour, on wove paper. Laid down on cardboard https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/detail.jsp?Entt=RDMDC-JRR2195&R=DC-JRR2195

Part of Dartmouth (Woodlawn), 1820

"Part of Dartmouth" (Woodlawn), 1820

Only one of the lakes is colored on the original, here’s a quick coloration in order to hopefully ease legibility. Roads are highlighted, forest is tinted as are all the lakes and streams in the style of the one that was (Little Lake and Big Lake, now Lemont and Topsail Lakes). Penhorn Lake can be seen at far left, Russell and Morris Lake along the bottom, Bell Lake at middle right.

"Part of Dartmouth" (Woodlawn), 1820

“Part of Dartmouth”, 1820. https://archives.novascotia.ca/maps/archives/?ID=384

Footprints Around and About Bedford Basin

“East side of Bedford Basin: The winding shore above the narrows has many picturesque points and coves to recommend it to the lover of natural scenery. It has also historical associations, but not, perhaps, of such prominence as that of the western side. High hills, clad with pine and spruce, rise conspicuously above the sparkling … Read more

Instructions under the direction of the Secretary of State for the Colonial Department

“Township of Dartmouth Opposite the Town of Halifax, the Town called Dartmouth was laid out in the Year 1749; but in the war of 1756, the [Indigenous people] collected in great force on the basin of Minas, ascended the Shubenacadie in their canoes, and in the night surprised the guard, and killed, scalped, or carried … Read more

The Constitution of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia

nova scotia constitution

For a few years the government of Nova Scotia was vested solely in a governor, who had command of the garrison stationed at the fort of Annapolis, known as Port Royal in the days of the French regime. In 1719 a commission was issued to Governor Phillips, who was authorized to appoint a council of … Read more

“…from Nova Scotia to Georgia”


Another instance of Nova Scotia mentioned along with the other colonies in reference to the oppressions of the crown. Nova Scotia here would’ve referred to its ancient boundaries, including New Brunswick and part of what is now the Gaspe in Quebec. How does this square with those later historiographies meant to evoke a Canadian nationalism … Read more

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