Dartmouth Lake Church

“Photograph shows the congregation of Dartmouth Lake Church (now Victoria Road United Baptist Church).
The church, also known in its early days as the African meeting house, was founded in 1844. Until 1906 the church was located at the corner of what is now Crichton Ave. and Micmac Blvd.”

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Looks to be located near Birch Cove today. (https://goo.gl/maps/dRmdoHL5mbhbWX7Z9) https://archives.novascotia.ca/Africanns/archives/?ID=149

Plaque from inside Victoria Road Baptist Church:

“In loving memory of early Black fathers who settled at Dartmouth Lake Road 1814, (now Crichton Avenue) and whose abandoned graves were exhumed August 1976, and moved to Christ Church Cemetery. Remembered include: Martha Tynes, George Tynes, Elizabeth Tynes, James Riley and Issac Smith. Dedicated December 7, 1977”

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