“New Scot Lande”

Argals Bay, now the Bay of Fundy, perhaps a reference to Samuel Argall. See also: “The province of Alexandria” as well as “The Province of Caledonia” that seem to reference the general jurisdictions of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia today. Other features include “Cape Brittan” as well as Canso (Campseau), “Blacke” at Nova Scotia’s southern … Read more

“The history of Kings County, Nova Scotia, heart of the Acadian land”

“Until January, 1757, the Governor and Council ruled alone in Nova Scotia, at that time, after long debate, it was decided that a Representative Assembly should be created, and that there should be elected for the province at large, until counties should be formed, twelve members, besides four for the township of Halifax, two for … Read more

Local Government in Nova Scotia

Background:Although there were no parliamentary institutions of any kind in the area during the French regime, local government of one sort or another has existed in Nova Scotia from the founding of Port Royal in 1605. It began not with elected municipal councils, nor with incorporated towns and cities, not even with the Court of … Read more

Coit correspondence of 1871

coit correspondence

“This letter will give you some gleanings from Halifax — the most English of the provincial cities. It was founded in 1749, by the Lords of the Board of Trade, and named after the President, Gen. Montague, Earl of Halifax. It has ever since been the capital of Nova Scotia, — robbing that honor from … Read more

Universalism antiscriptural: a sermon, preached in St. James Church, Dartmouth, on Sabbath, March 14, 1875

“To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” Falconer, Alexander, 1837?-1911. Universalism Antiscriptural: a Sermon, Preached In St. James Church, Dartmouth, On Sabbath, March 14, 1875. [Halifax, N.S.?: s.n.], 1875. https://hdl.handle.net/2027/aeu.ark:/13960/t6tx3pj37

Lovell’s Province of Nova Scotia directory for 1871


“Dartmouth – A flourishing and beautiful village, opposite Halifax, at the head of the harbor, township of Dartmouth, county of Halifax. A steam ferry plies between here and the city. Dartmouth boasts of many fine buildings, contains several large foundries, three steam tanneries, employing a large number of men, and the residences of a number … Read more

By-laws of the Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane, Mount Hope, Dartmouth


“Obligations: To be signed in the presence of the Superintendent by each attendant and servant , before appointment. I hereby promise to obey the bye-laws and rules of the Hospital, to be careful of its property, and to avoid gossiping about its inmates or affairs. I consider myself bound to perform any duties assigned to … Read more

Supplementary evidence as to the management of the Nova Scotia Hospital for the Insane, Mount Hope, Dartmouth

I, James S. Wilson, of the City of Halifax, make oath and say as follows : — I was engaged as an assistant, and afterwards as an attendant at the Provincial Hospital for the Insane. I was employed there about fifteen months, and left there the 9th December last. I was employed in all the … Read more

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