Part of “Five Corners”, 1866

The Bridge at bottom left crosses the Mill Stream to downtown Dartmouth, St. James Church is now found at the corner adjacent at “Lot 5”. On the left, the road “To Preston” is now Prince Albert Road (Skate Factory, being Starr Manufacturing, noted at top left) while the “Road to Cole Harbour”, now Portland Street … Read more

A peep at the western world; being an account of a visit to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada, and the United States

“Now the “gridiron” is a square box-like structure, situated about midships, in close proximity to the engines, and which being closed in at the top and sides, affords shelter from the wind, and to a great extent, from the heavy seas shipped in bad weather. In the centre is the capstan, which often serves as … Read more

Confederation examined in the light of reason and common sense

“It is my purpose, in the following pages, to expose the fallacies of a Pamphlet on Confederation, “by a Nova Scotian,” which has been widely circulated, and, though shallow in the extreme, is calculated to mislead the unwary. It bears strong evidence, of being the work of one of the unauthorized individuals, who pretend to … Read more

League of the Maritime Provinces


Executive Officers:President: Hon. Joseph HoweVice Presidents: W.J. Stairs, Esq., Patrick Power, Esq.Secretaries: Mr William Garvie,Robt. L. Weatherbee Esq.,Treasurer: Robt. Boak, Jr, Esq. The Maritime Provinces of British America now enjoy all the blessings of self-government, controlling their own revenues, forming, controlling and removing their own Cabinets ; appointing their own Judges, Councillors, and Public Officers; … Read more

Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia (in Dartmouth Township)

dart-township-1865 map

“Whereas some uncertainty exists as regards the limits of the Township of Dartmouth… Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, that the lines of the Township of Dartmouth shall be established and settled as follows, beginning on the Eastern side of Bedford Basin at the head of Pace’s cove at low … Read more

Nova Scotia in 1862: papers relating to the two great exhibitions in London of that year

“List of Contributors: … P. McNab, Dartmouth – barley and oats.” “On the east side of the harbor is situated the town of Dartmouth, settled in 1750. The town is well situated, and is admirably adapted to the employment of ship-building. It is connected with the city by steamboats.” “Prior to 1719 (at which time … Read more

Confederation Considered On Its Merits: Being an Examination Into the Principle, Capabilities, And Terms of Union, As Applicable to Nova Scotia

“We have witnessed the tremendous struggle and sacrifice made by our Republican neighbors, rather than suffer the disintegration of their common country.” “Nova Scotia, then, is a British Province, enjoying the priceless privilege of British laws, British connection, and a free Constitution.” “The consequence has been that our progress has been one incessant struggle, and … Read more

Rambles among the Blue-noses; or, Reminiscences of a tour through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia during the summer of 1862

“On the east side of the harbor opposite the city is situated the town of Dartmouth; between which places a semi-hourly communication is kept up by steam-boats.” Spedon, Andrew Learmont. Rambles Among the Blue-noses: Or, Reminiscences of a Tour Through New Brunswick And Nova Scotia During the Summer of 1862. Montreal: Lovell, 1863.

Facts and reasons against New Brunswick and Nova Scotia confederating with Canada

“Every man who is invited or proposes to enter into any partnership or agreement, naturally thinks of the advantages and disadvantages it will involve or produce to himself.” Marshall, (Judge) John George. “Facts And Reasons Against New Brunswick And Nova Scotia Confederating With Canada: Addressed to the Electors of New Brunswick”. [S.l.: s.n., 1866.

Petition of the inhabitants of Nova Scotia

“That the people of Nova Scotia are prepared to entertain any propositions by which (preserving to them the Institutions they now have, and the privileges they enjoy,) greater facilities for commercial and social intercourse with other States and Provinces may be secured, and they are willing, whenever their own costs and habors are safe, to … Read more

Halifax Fortifications (in Dartmouth)

Fort Duncan: Shown “dismantled” in Collyers military map of 1808. Commissioner Henry Duncan was at H.M Naval Yard in 1790 and 1793. Blockhouse: 1750. Dartmouth picketed in, July 1751. Gun: 1749. Eastern Battery, Fort Clarence: 1754. Freestone tower there in Jan 1810 & in 1834. Tower removed about 1865, when new works were begun. Fort … Read more

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