Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia (in Dartmouth Township)

dart-township-1865 map

“Whereas some uncertainty exists as regards the limits of the Township of Dartmouth… Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, that the lines of the Township of Dartmouth shall be established and settled as follows, beginning on the Eastern side of Bedford Basin at the head of Pace’s cove at low … Read more

A brief history of the [Black] Baptists of Nova Scotia and their first organization as churches

banook baptism black history

“THE AUTHOR’S APOLOGY: This little messenger, presented to the public, is a collection of information gained from many of the oldest members of the Churches in the Association, where records were imperfectly kept, and, in many instances, none whatever. I am aware that every person who attempts a work of this kind is left open … Read more

Nova Scotia in 1862: papers relating to the two great exhibitions in London of that year

“List of Contributors: … P. McNab, Dartmouth – barley and oats.” “On the east side of the harbor is situated the town of Dartmouth, settled in 1750. The town is well situated, and is admirably adapted to the employment of ship-building. It is connected with the city by steamboats.” “Prior to 1719 (at which time … Read more

Travels in North America, in the years 1841-2: with geological observations on the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia

“It has so often happened to me in our own island, without traveling into those parts of Wales, Scotland, or Ireland, where they talk a perfectly distinct language, to encounter provincial dialects which it is difficult to comprehend, that I wonder at finding the people here so very English. If the metropolis of New England … Read more

Baronia anglica concentrata, or, A concentrated account of all the baronies commonly called baronies in fee

“The pages of this work are … compiled to show the origin of every barony, from its first commencement by writ of summons to parliament, to the time it became (as presumed) extinct, or terminated in an heir general in dormancy; or in coheirs general in abeyance between them; accompanied with such remarks as appear … Read more

Sketches on a tour through the northern and eastern states, the Canadas & Nova Scotia

“I learned… that there was a class of persons in Nova Scotia called the Blue Noses (so called from a kind of potato which thrives well here.) Whether this nick-name is an appropriate one or not, I did not become sufficiently acquainted with their habits to determine. This much however is true, that they are … Read more

The story of Christ Church, Dartmouth

“When Halifax was first settled, this side of the harbor was the home and hunting ground of the [Mi’kmaq]. Soon after the settlement of Halifax, Major Gillman built a saw mill in Dartmouth Cove on the stream flowing from the Dartmouth lakes. On September 30th 1749, the [Indigenous people] attacked and killed four and captured … Read more

The justice of the peace, and county and township officer, in the province of Nova Scotia (1846)

“The greatest civil blessings which any people can enjoy, are a wise and just system of Laws, and their enlightened and faithful administration. On these, more than on any other political advantages, public prosperity and happiness must depend. But for securing this favorable result, these two advantages must unite. The first however excellent in itself, … Read more

The Constitution of the Legislative Council of Nova Scotia

nova scotia constitution

For a few years the government of Nova Scotia was vested solely in a governor, who had command of the garrison stationed at the fort of Annapolis, known as Port Royal in the days of the French regime. In 1719 a commission was issued to Governor Phillips, who was authorized to appoint a council of … Read more

A hand book of the geography and natural history of the province of Nova Scotia

“Dartmouth was founded-in 1750, but in 1756 it was destroyed by the [Indigenous people]. In 1784 it was again settled by emigrants from Nantucket, most of whom removed in 1798. Since that time its population has gradually increased. The townships of this county-are Halifax, Dartmouth, Laurencetown (sic) and Preston. The first of these has two … Read more

Law reports : containing decisions of the Bench of the Supreme Court in Nova Scotia between the years 1834 and 1841

“Esson v. Mayberry. Trinity Term, 1841. The grantee of a water lot, bounded on the shore, is entitled to take up to high-water mark; and that line of his grant changes with the gradual encroachment or retirement of the sea. …The plantiff derived his title to the land in question through several mesne conveyances, from … Read more

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