Anti Lyrics No. 1 – from “Some Nova Scotian Poets of Confederation”

Tho’ felon hands have forged a chain,In slavery to bind us;We yet shall snap the bonds in twain,And cast the links behind us. With lying lips and guileful tongueThey laboured to enslave us;Until those rights from us were wrung,Which our forefathers gave us. Our noble country they would grasp,With tyranny enthralling;While we in bondage sore … Read more

Anti Lyrics No. II – from “Some Nova Scotian Poets of Confederation”

But one short year, and oh the changeWhich darkly shades our country’s brow!Once free as mountain eagles rangeHow low the droop in sadness now! When dawned the morn of ’67,Fair and most prosperous was her state,No happier country under heaven,Look at her now in ’68! The bright-eyed goddess weeps to seeHer children humbled in the … Read more

Anti Lyrics No. III – from “Some Nova Scotian Poets of Confederation”

Among the strange things that we seeAre quondam traitors like McGee,Prating to us of liberty.With him were England’s crosses, barsMade red with impious wars –The gods she worships – Mamon -Mars! A champion of the rights of manHe raged and hurled his awful banAt Britain’s head and off he ran! We see him next in … Read more


The day she dieda redbreast hoppedthrough the open doorin stilled December,inquiring nearwith little confident bounce,starting my first tear. Alastair Macdonald Muise, D.A. “Some Nova Scotian Poets of Confederation” Dalhousie Review, Volume 50, Number 1, 1970

The Petition to Ottawa

Pity the sorrows of some Union men,Whose unwise steps have borne them to your door;Whose days politically are but a span,0 give relief! And tax our bread no more. Those scattered ranks, extremety bespeaks,Those Customs locks do justify the Antis fears;And many a furrow in our grief worn cheeksHas been the channel to a flood … Read more

Lullaby – from “Some Nova Scotian Poets of Confederation”

“Highly emotional” is an interesting term used here, thieving and thievery can certainly arouse “emotion” in all those whose goods have been absconded. I assume this language is used in order to paint the anti-confederate as illogical, as opposed to the non-stop mendacity and “licksplitterism” which has continued to be the trademark of “the Canadians”, … Read more