Nova Scotia’s cry for home rule

“Having spent much time in Nova Scotia, I am often asked—Why does that province wish to sever connection with the Dominion, and what means her cry of “Repeal and Reciprocity”? And some of my friends are not a little shocked that, at a time when the question of Imperial Federation is so much discussed, our … Read more

Place Names and Places of Nova Scotia (in Dartmouth Township)

dart-township-1865 map

“Whereas some uncertainty exists as regards the limits of the Township of Dartmouth… Be it therefore enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council and Assembly, that the lines of the Township of Dartmouth shall be established and settled as follows, beginning on the Eastern side of Bedford Basin at the head of Pace’s cove at low … Read more

A brief history of the [Black] Baptists of Nova Scotia and their first organization as churches

banook baptism black history

“THE AUTHOR’S APOLOGY: This little messenger, presented to the public, is a collection of information gained from many of the oldest members of the Churches in the Association, where records were imperfectly kept, and, in many instances, none whatever. I am aware that every person who attempts a work of this kind is left open … Read more

…the Nova Scotia difficulty

“I now come to THE GRAVE SITUATION IN NOVA SCOTIA. It is lamentable to think that in the twentieth year of Confederation there should be an appeal to the people on such a ground and with such a result as has just taken place in Nova Scotia, and I feel bound to point out, in … Read more

The evils of the liquor traffic, and our responsibility in reference thereto, a sermon preached in the Dartmouth Baptist Church on Sabbath evening, Oct. 29th 1882

“If the prophet had spent the forenoon in walking the streets of this town counting the liquor shops, and the afternoon in the Town Hall reading the names on the license petitions, he could not have described the traffic, and the part which the better thinking portion of our citizens take in it, in more … Read more

“Captain John Taylor Wood”


“The autograph and signature of former Confederate Captain John Taylor Wood on a card for the W. Chase Photograph Gallery in Nova Scotia, with a sketch by Wood of the private vessel he later captained, the Tallahasse [sic] and a few facts about the vessel.” James E. Taylor, “James E. Taylor Collection : Scrapbook Three” … Read more

Dictionary of the language of the [Mi’kmaq] who reside in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and Newfoundland

“The compiler of the following work has been more than forty years laboring as a Missionary among the [Mi’kmaq]. He considered it a matter of prime importance to make himself acquainted with their language, and early set himself to the task, with what few helps he could command; and his success has surprized himself as … Read more

The Memorial of the citizens of Halifax and the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Halifax, setting forth the necessity of making Halifax the winter port of Canada

“That ample time has now elapsed since the building of the Intercolonial Railway and the clearing away of the difficulties which at first beset the rapid and regular running of the trains and the patience of the people of the Maritime provinces is well nigh exhausted, when they experience the continued delays in the complete … Read more

To the electors of the county of Halifax


“Much misrepresentation has been indulged in concerning the increased debt of the Dominion, and comparisons made between it and the federal debt of the United States most unfair to Canada… the different purposes for which the two debts were incurred are also kept out of sight ,- that of Canada having been for valuable public … Read more

Annual Report 1889


MAYOR’S REPORT Ladies and Gentlemen,- Having had the honor of your suffrages in filling the office of Mayor for the past year, I have much pleasure in laying before you the following reports of the present condition, the future requirements, the several steps that have been taken by your council for the purpose of improving … Read more

Annual Report 1888


MAYOR’S ADDRESS Ladies and Gentlemen, At the close of my term of office as Mayor, it gives me pleasure to report the satisfactory condition of the business affairs of the Municipality of Dartmouth. Legislation Since the last animal meeting, two important acts have been passed by the Legislature which affect the Town of Dartmouth in … Read more

The story of Christ Church, Dartmouth

“When Halifax was first settled, this side of the harbor was the home and hunting ground of the [Mi’kmaq]. Soon after the settlement of Halifax, Major Gillman built a saw mill in Dartmouth Cove on the stream flowing from the Dartmouth lakes. On September 30th 1749, the [Indigenous people] attacked and killed four and captured … Read more

Chronological Table of Dartmouth, Preston, and Lawrencetown

dartmouth township

1746-1799 Duc d’Anville arrived at Chebucto, 10 Sept 1746 Halifax founded, 21 June 1749 [Indigenous people] attacked 6 men at Maj. Gilman’s saw-mill, Dartmouth Cove, killing 4, 30 Sept 1749 Saw-mill let to Capt. Wm. Clapham, 1750 Alderney arrived from Europe with 353 settlers, Aug. 1750 Town of Dartmouth laid out for the Alderney emigrants, … Read more

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