The draft of a charter, for the incorporation of the town of Halifax in the province of Nova-Scotia

“The following plan for regulating the municipal affairs of this Town, has been drawn up in the form of a Charter, as the clearest and best method to express the extent of the proposed improvements. The objects have been pointed out by a thorough investigation into the various modes of conducting the public business; which was entered into in consequence of a presentment made by the Grand Jury to the Court of Quarter Sessions in December Term of 1812. The Court having appointed six different investigating committees of the Magistrates to meet the various objects contemplated by the Grand Jury, their several reports combined, clearly prove the necessity of some reform”

Halifax (N.S.). The Draft of a Charter, for the Incorporation of the Town of Halifax In the Province of Nova-Scotia. Halifax [N.S.]: Printed by John Howe & Son, 1814.