Carte de l’Acadie

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“Chebouquetou”, with McNabs Island relatively easy to pick out. “Carte de l’Acadie ” 16?? (<1700)

Carte particulière de la coste d’Accadie

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A fairly accurate early map of Nova Scotia from some time previous to the founding of Halifax. Chibouctou is shown on the Dartmouth side of the harbor, opposite McNabs Island and Geroge’s Island. Shubenacadie River is seen to the north of the settlement. I haven’t found any substantial confirmation that the Dartmouth side is where … Read more

Carte de la côte Sud de l’Acadie

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Baye d Chibouctou, later Halifax Harbor. McNabs Island can be seen in the middle of the harbor with George’s Island north, and to the north east is Sault aux saumone, or salmon jump – which could be the Sackville River. “Carte de la côte Sud de l’Acadie” 16?? (<1700)

Cobham, Sir Richard Temple, viscount, 1669?-1749. A.L.s. to John Nelson; London, 14 Oct 16?6.


“Contains chiefly correspondence of British proprietor and governor of Nova Scotia Thomas Temple and his nephew John Nelson concerning land claims in Nova Scotia and the French role in Canada” Temple, Thomas, 1614-1674. Thomas Temple correspondence concerning Nova Scotia, 1656-1768. Cobham, Sir Richard Temple, viscount, 1669?-1749. A.L.s. to John Nelson; London, 14 Oct 16?6. MS … Read more

The town proprietors of the New England Colonies: a study of their development, organization, activities and controversies, 1620-1770

The term “proprietor” was used in two distinct senses in the American colonies. In order fully to understand the nature and the scope of the present study, therefore, it is necessary at the outset to distinguish these two usages. “The more familiar usage of the word “proprietor” is with reference to the proprietary provinces. The … Read more

New England, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland

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Stirling, William Alexander, Earl Of, 1567 Or , Cartographer, and William Alexander Stirling. New England, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. [London: Publisher not indicated, ?, 1624] Map. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>

The Development of Public Health in Nova Scotia

“Disaster is frequently the parent of legislation. In surveying the long history of Nova Scotia, we find this saying particularly true.” “The first recorded instance of illness in Nova Scotia is the account of Champlain of an outbreak of scurvy at Port Royal in 1606. His group of settlers had spent the winter of 1605 … Read more

Pre-English Settlement

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From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin: Dartmouth, long before the European explorers and colonizing forces, had a 7,000 year history of occupation by the Mi’kmaq people. The Mi’kmaq annual cycle of seasonal movement; living in dispersed interior camps during the winter, and larger coastal communities during the summer; meant there were no … Read more