Modern Homes


Monday July 15, 1957: Show modern trend – Modern homes are steadily increasing in number along the Cole Harbor Road and when it recieves its hard surface, already started, will probably mount by the score.

The Homes Front: The Accommodation Crisis In Halifax, 1941-1951

dart wartime housing

“Cobbled thoroughfares, unpaved sidestreets, an overburdened public transportation system, obsolete water supply, inadequate health services, draconian liquor control regulations, and overcrowded restaurants, cafes, and cinemas combined to produce an atmosphere that would have been oppressive even without the damp climate, gasoline and food rationing, or blackout regulations. In many respects the city resembled a military … Read more

From Study to Reality: The Establishment of Public Housing In Halifax, 1930-1953

“DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION, A NEW vision of shelter for low income families received widespread support from surprisingly varied sectors of the population. Yet, despite the encouragement of labour unions, social workers, planners, architects and important parts of the construction industry, the first public housing project did not actually open until 1949 in Toronto’s Regent … Read more

Annual Report 1953


CITIZENS OF DARTMOUTH, Ladies and Gentlemen: I have the honour to submit my report and comments on the civic events of 1953. The year 1953 showed acceleration in the progress and expansion which has been evident in recent years. The sale of Town owned land at Maynard’s Lake and on Boland Road opened the way … Read more


From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin: In 1920 we had the coldest winter for years. There were 21 days of good sleighing, and 11 days of sub-zero weather in January with the mercury down to 17 below near the month-end. In February the harbor froze over for the first time since 1898. … Read more


From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin: During 1919, shipload after shipload of defence forces were brought back to the port of Halifax to be discharged. The work of repatriation went on for months. In Dartmouth, a local Housing Commission was set up for the purpose of aiding returned men in the financing … Read more