“Expansion has been from the earliest day the policy of our country…evidence from fathers of the republic”

“WASHINGTON PROGRESSIVE. HE HOPED THAT CANADA WOULD BECOME A PART OF THE UNION—HIS VALLEY FORGE LETTER. “And lastly, another Province (Nova Scotia), which some time ago was very desirous of it, would be added to the Federal Union. It may not be amiss to give Bermuda some consideration, as circumstances in the course of the … Read more

“The history of Kings County, Nova Scotia, heart of the Acadian land”

“Until January, 1757, the Governor and Council ruled alone in Nova Scotia, at that time, after long debate, it was decided that a Representative Assembly should be created, and that there should be elected for the province at large, until counties should be formed, twelve members, besides four for the township of Halifax, two for … Read more

Local Government in Nova Scotia

Background:Although there were no parliamentary institutions of any kind in the area during the French regime, local government of one sort or another has existed in Nova Scotia from the founding of Port Royal in 1605. It began not with elected municipal councils, nor with incorporated towns and cities, not even with the Court of … Read more

The Illinois Country and the Treaty of Paris of 1783

“With the outbreak of the American Revolution, colonial leaders asserted their claims to the lands beyond the Alleghenies. Congress in its treaty plan of September, 1776, anticipated the acquisition of Canada, Nova Scotia, Florida, and all other British possessions on the North American continent.” “Congress’s special committee to consider foreign affairs issued its initial report … Read more

The Church of England in Nova Scotia and the Tory clergy of the revolution

“In the United States there should be much interest in the Diocese of Nova Scotia, for that Diocese owes its existence to the Tories of the Revolution, who went in thousands from New York and Massachusetts to the “Acadian Province by the Sea,” and its first bishop was, at the outbreak of the war, the … Read more

The New York Loyalists in Nova Scotia

“From the beginning of the strife in the American colonies, New York, which unlike Massachusetts (–and like Nova Scotia) was a royal or crown colony, naturally showed marked loyalist sympathies. It has often been sweepingly asserted that all the leading families of New York were Tories, but that this was far from being the case … Read more

Town and Harbour of Halifax (and Dartmouth) in Nova Scotia As Appears from George Island

See also:

Mason, James. “Town and Harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia As Appears from George Island” 1777. Etching on laid paper. Laid down on wove paper. https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/detail.jsp?Entt=RDMDC-JRR49&R=DC-JRR49

Part of the Town & Harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Looking down George Street to the Opposite Shore Called Dartmouth

See also:

Mason, James. 1777. “Part of the Town & Harbour of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Looking down George Street to the Opposite Shore Called Dartmouth” Etching on wove paper. https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/detail.jsp?Entt=RDMDC-X76-19&R=DC-X76-19

Southeast Coast of Nova Scotia

Des Barres, Joseph F. W. The sea coast of Nova Scotia; exhibiting the diversities of the coast, and the face of the country near it: the banks, rocks, shoals, soundings, &c. Together with remarks and directions for the conveniency of navigation and pilotage. [London, -78?, 1777] Map. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <www.loc.gov/item/75332514/>.

The Edge of the Precipice


“I hope the administration will see and be convinced that it is not a little faction, but the whole body of American freeholders from Nova Scotia to Georgia that now complain and apply for redress; And who, I am sure, will resist rather than submit.” Charles Thomson, secretary of the First Continental Congress, sent the … Read more

From Nova Scotia to Georgia


It’s interesting reading anything pre-revolution, to see that grouping of fellow colonies recognized as proto-states, Nova Scotia included. There are a few references to Nova Scotia contained within, as follows, (but from the other side of the argument): “When, therefore, the delegates at Philadelphia, in the preamble to their Bill of rights, and in their … Read more

Constitution of South Carolina: March 26, 1776

south carolina constitution

Included for its mention of Nova Scotia as a fellow colony among those who supplied delegates in a general Congress at Philadelphia, it makes no mention of its exclusion from the “said colonies”, that “assembled in another Congress at Philadelphia”. This in addition to other mentions of Nova Scotia as a fellow colony — one … Read more

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