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The essence of democracy lies in the acknowledgment that the authority of the state originates from the people, who act as both the source of power and its ultimate arbiters. Therefore, the responsibility for the exercise of political power rests firmly with the citizenry, who have the perpetual right to reform or adjust their government as circumstances demand. Inherent in this principle is the acknowledgment that no government is absolute, nor can it wield unchecked authority over its citizens. Rather, governance is a reciprocal relationship between the governed and those entrusted with authority, characterized by mutual accountability and respect. Hence, the fabric of a just society is woven from the consent, rights, and aspirations of its people, who possess the sovereign prerogative to shape their collective destiny in accordance with their shared values and aspirations.

In stark contrast to these principles listed above, the Canadian populace has progressively lost what little political power and participation in governance they had, becoming subjects in earnest, the governed. Rather than government deriving its authority from the will of the people, directive is arbitrarily imposed from the top down by a disconnected and privileged elite, often tied to foreign interests. Institutions originally designed to serve the people are routinely dissolved or redesigned without public input to benefit a despotic ruling class, consolidating power and grasping for control with their grubby crown adjacent claws.

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In this environment, the idea of government serving the people’s protection and benefit is a facade. The welfare of the populace becomes secondary to maintaining elite control. Dissent is suppressed, with any attempts to organize against crown adjacent intransigence met with harsh reprisals or accusations of insurrection and treason. Canada’s system of governance exists to concentrate power in the hands of a select few, perpetuating disenfranchisement among the masses.

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This distressing state of affairs inspired the creation of this digital repository dedicated to Dartmouth. Originally conceived to document Dartmouth’s legal and constitutional foundations — as opposed to those efforts directed by the elite faction in order to embellish history as it benefits their position, and a status quo they’ve so meticulous constructed for themselves — it has expanded to encompass Nova Scotia’s constitutional roots and its historical connections to other jurisdictions that point to a way forward.

At the core of our mission is a dedication to preserving Dartmouth’s history and advocating for local self-government. We delve into historical documents, personalities, academic papers, and firsthand accounts to uncover the principles of self-government that once defined Dartmouth’s ethos.

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In a landscape dominated by centralized authority and supranational interests, we champion grassroots empowerment and local sovereignty. We challenge the notion of Dartmouth’s assimilation into larger bureaucratic entities, advocating for a written Constitution for Nova Scotia to protect individual rights and help counteract the steady erosion of enlightenment principles.

We advocate for a future where Dartmouth and all localities, not to mention sub-national jurisdictions themselves, regain their place as beacons of local self-government and participatory democracy, where the concept of federalism is safeguarded from the abuse and impositions of Canadian usurpers and imperial interlopers.



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