Twin Cities Map Metropolitan Halifax-Dartmouth

Many communities noted on this map: Burnside, Shannon Park, Tufts Cove, Albro Lake, Port Wallis, Tam O’Shanter, Westphal, Graham Corner, Commodore Park, Southdale, Woodlawn Woodside, Ellendale, Bel Ayr Park and Wildwood Lake within the City of Dartmouth.
A few peripheral communities are also noted: Shearwater, Eastern Passage, Cole Harbour, Willowdale, Highland Acres, Sunset Acres and Humber Park.

“Twin Cities Map Metropolitan Halifax-Dartmouth”, 1977.

(Dartmouth as seen from) “Halifax”

dartmouth from halifax

CFDR at its location near the foot of Queen Street at Alderney Drive before moving next door to the top of Queen’s Square. Bezant, Graham. 1979.

Body politic, Body corporate ⁠— City limits

dartmouth city limits

An examination of the legislated spatial dimensions of Dartmouth – from its initial definition as a township care of the Royal instructions that accompanied Cornwallis in 1749, to its dissolution into a county masquerading as a city in one of Nova Scotia’s city county mergers by fiat (aka a “municipal coup”) in 1996. “And whereas … Read more

Dartmouth Transit

Picture Taken at Dartmouth Shopping Center, Dartmouth High seen at extreme left, at right is Nantucket Ave.

Picture taken at the Dartmouth Shopping Center (

Dartmouth Transit route map, 1983.

Dartmouth Transit route map, 1983.

See also:

See also: Gillis, Robert A. “A Study of the Effects of Government Regulation on the Industry” 1992, Saint Mary’s University, MA thesis.

Dartmouth flood

The results of an unwelcome guest, Hurricane Beth, in August of 1971.


Hawthrone Street about to give way, between Crichton and Prince Albert


Portland at Alderney as seen from Pine Street


Pine at Ochterloney


Pine at Ochterloney


Sullivan’s Pond from Crichton Ave


Hawthorne Street

Delegate Support Patterns at Nova Scotian Leadership Conventions

“The final candidate, Roland Thornhill, 38, was something of an outsider and was viewed as a dark horse. Born in Newfoundland, Thornhill’s family had moved to Dartmouth when he was quite young. Thornhill had never sought provincial office, but was the mayor of Dartmouth. He was a businessman and a Protestant.” Stewart, David K. “Delegate … Read more

An Act Relating to the City of Dartmouth, Dartmouth City Charter, 1978 c43A

Section: 1: Interpretation2: Alteration Of Boundaries3: Municipal Government — Elections, Advance Poll4: Powers And Duties of the Council — Community Planning, Building Regulation, Administration, Administration General Power to Engage Officers and Employees (City Clerk, City Treasurer, City Solicitor, Auditor), Classification, Promotion Procedure and Pay Plan, Appointments, Chief Administrative Officer (Establishment of Position, Appointment and Dismissal, … Read more

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