An Act concerning Town Property in Dartmouth, 1850 c53

An Act concerning Town Property in Dartmouth, 1850 c53

An Act concerning Town Property in Dartmouth.
(Passed the 28th day of March, A. D. 1850.)

BE it enacted by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council and Assembly, as follows:

Three trustees of Public Property to be chosen for the Township of Dartmouth – their duties, &c.:
I. After the first Annual Town Meeting in the Township of Dartmouth, Three Trustees of Public Property shall be chosen, in whom shall be vested the legal possession of the several Water Lots that have been reserved for the use of the Public along the shores of the Town Plot of Dartmouth, and of a certain Lot of Land and School House now known and distinguished as the School Lot, lying in the Town Plot, to be recovered, held and preserved by the Trustees for the uses to which the same respectively have been reserved and applied, but the School House and School Lot shall be preserved exclusively to the use of Schools and Education, and nothing herein shall exclude the possession and control of the Trustees to be appointed under the Act passed in the present Session for the support of Schools if the School House and Lot might otherwise come under the control of such Trustees.

All other Public Property in Dartmouth not under the claim of any person to be vested in Trustees:
II. Any other Public Property in the Township of Dartmouth not legally possessed by or under the charge and supervision of any person, shall also be legally vested in the Trustees appointed under this Act, to be recovered held and preserved by them for the uses for which the same have been granted, reserved or appropriated.

Trustees to be appointed at Annual Meeting:
III. Three Trustees shall be annually thereafter appointed at each Annual Town Trustees to be appointed at Annual Meeting of the Township, and in case of any failure in such annual appointment the Meeting. Trustees in office shall continue until another legal election shall take place.

Inhabitants at Meetings may declare for what purposes Property shall be applied:
IV. The Inhabitants, in Town Meeting, at any time may declare the purposes to which the Town Property shall be applied by the Trustees, provided those purposes shall not be inconsistent with the uses to which the property has been granted, reserved, or legally appropriated.

Governor may appoint Trustees:
V. The Governor in Council may appoint Three Trustees for the purposes of this Act to remain in office until the next Annual Town Meeting in Dartmouth.

“An Act concerning Town Property in Dartmouth”, 1850 c53