Ab Urbe Condita

“Long before this, the thirteen transports had reached port. Of all their passengers only one had died on the long, rough voyage, and that was somebody’s child. Thanks to the humane care of the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantation, the ships had been fitted with ventilators, then a new idea, and the result was most gratifying. The expedition was evidently well managed. Very different is the tale of the poor German emigrants procured by the unscrupulous Mr. Dick of Rotterdam at a guinea a head. They were taken out of the ships to die, many of them on Dartmouth beach.”

“Long after the town was built, his council was still of the opinion that it should have stood on the Dartmouth side. But as that position could be commanded from the higher ground opposite, Cornwallis would not consider it. The present site was the fourth choice”

MacMechan, Archibald. “Ab Urbe Condita” Dalhousie Review, Volume 07, Number 2, 1927 https://dalspace.library.dal.ca/bitstream/handle/10222/58233/dalrev_vol7_iss2_pp198_210.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y