Letters from Nova Scotia: comprising sketches of a young country

“One or two ships are generally building on the slips at Dartmouth, on the opposite side of the harbor, varying from one to four hundred tons…”

“An ingenious and simple plan was proposed, towards the close of the last war, for constructing a dock immediately opposite the yard on the Dartmouth shore, where a little cove and ravine offer two sides of a natural basin which was to be formed into a double dock, supplied by the means of the rivulet. I know not why this plan was not adopted.”

“About forty years ago, a turnpike-gate erected within ten miles of Halifax was pulled down by the people.”

“The Legislature is very liberal in granting pecuniary aid to private undertakings which embrace public utility; for instance, a carriage ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth, in the hands of a few individuals, is annually subsidized from the treasury… In some instances, it is to be feared, a little abuse has been engendered by this method of proceeding…”

Moorsom, W. S. (William Scarth), 1804-1863. Letters From Nova Scotia: Comprising Sketches of a Young Country. London: H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1830. https://hdl.handle.net/2027/aeu.ark:/13960/t25b0wq10