Ambrose F. Church, Map-Maker

“As a man, as well as a map-maker, Ambrose F. Church was an interesting figure. He retained his United States citizenship even though he resided in Nova Scotia for many years. It is alleged that he was a deserter from the United States army and that that was one reason why he came to Nova Scotia and never returned to the United States to live. He was not only a respected resident of Nova Scotia but a great family man…”

“When Ambrose Finson Church moved from Maine to Nova Scotia in 1865, he had a wife and one daughter, Alice Isabel. Probably after living in Halifax for a time, they took up residence at Ochterloney Street in Dartmouth by 1868. There they lived until they moved to Bedford, Halifax County, Nova Scotia. The family was still living in Dartmouth at the time of the census of 1871. Ambrose Church was then 34 years of age and his wife was 30, and they were listed as Methodists. Their daughter Alice Isabel was seven years old; Nina Elizabeth and Harold Ambrose, who had been born in Nova Scotia, were, in order, three years and less than a year old. Subsequently, Ambrose Finson and Nancy Anne (Saunders) Church had two additional daughters, Charlotte Zelda and May Evelyn”

“His maps, particularly his County Maps of Nova Scotia, are his memorial.”

Fergusson, Charles Bruce “Ambrose F. Church, Map-Maker” Dalhousie Review, Volume 49, Number 4, 1970