Dartmouth Reading Room

“Population, 9,100. Open daily, afternoon and evening.

Dartmouth is situated on Halifax Harbor, within a few minutes by ferry from Halifax. The Reading Room has been in existence for many years, but it has recently received a new lease of life, thanks to the interest and support of a number of Dartmouth’s leading citizens. The aim is to supply magazines of the better type and accommodation for people to sit and read them. The response has been very gratifying.

There is a sense of purpose and direction behind this activity and it seems not impossible that, if the County of Halifax is to have county library service, the impetus might come from Dartmouth. This winter the reading room is venturing on a program of adult education. The plan is to have half a dozen subjects, of timely and immediate interest for discussion in groups of eight to twelve members, with a leader to guide the discussion and give advice as to suitable reading. Although the program has only just started there are fifty people taking part.”

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