The Work/Leisure Ethic in Adult Education

“Nine years later, one finds this institute arranging an excursion to Portland, “under the auspices of the Marine Charitable Mechanics’ Association of Portland”, which brought not only much pleasure, but a £60 profit for the building fund. Dartmouth Mechanics’ Institute, Nova Scotia, arranged a picnic and bazaar, under the patronage of Lieutenant Governor Falkland, on neighbouring McNab’s Island in 1845, and this was recognized as ” the outstanding summer event in the social life of the community.” Four thousand people were conveyed by ferries to a picnic ground, where displays were intermingled with refreshment stands, with music provided by a military band, and with everything from quoits, balls, and swings, to dancing on the green. A gross profit of £500 was realized and was to facilitate construction of the institute’s new building in the following year. The neighbouring Halifax Mechanics’ Institute, doubtless chagrined that this more recent foundation was able to erect new premises before itself, had wrestled with the issue of recreation for some time.”

Keane, Patrick “The Work/Leisure Ethic in Adult Education” Dalhousie Review, Volume 57, Number 1, 1977