To Be Sold At Public Auction

to be sold

By John Moody & Co. At their room in Halifax, on Wednesday, the 5th day of May next, at 12 o’clock

A farm, lying on the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour, near the Narrows, formerly the property of Francis Coleson & late Galper Drillio’s, deceased, containing three hundred acres, more or less, of which a great part is clear and under cultivation; there are thereon a good dwelling house, a large and most excellent barn, with outhouses, (all new) – The above described farm lays in one of the most pleasant and advantageous situations of any near the Town, having a complete view of the Sackville Road, Bason, and North End of the Town, and near the Anchorage of his Majesty’s Ships, which afford a market for every article the Farm may produce; there is also a main Public Cart Road, from said farm to both Ferries, at Dartmouth, which can be passed on any day in the Year.

For terms or any other particulars please apply to the subscriber, who is fully authorized to treat. Thomas Goater. Sole executor of the will and testimony of Gasper Drillio, deceased. Halifax, April 17th, 1813.

Acadian Recorder, 17 April 1813, Volume 1 Number 14