Ran Away

ran away

On Friday the 19th of February 1813, James Hashman, an indentured apprentice to the Subscriber, aged 18 years, light complexion, down cast look and stout made; had on when he went away a snuff coloured Jacket and brown trowsers. He may be known by a scar on his left hand (across tow of his fingers) which occasions two nails to grow on one finger. This is to caution all persons against harbouring the said apprentice, as they will be prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the law. N.B. One shilling reward for his apprehension. Thomas Wilson, Feb. 27.

Acadian Recorder, 27 February 1813, Volume 1 Number 7, https://archives.novascotia.ca/newspapers/archives/?ID=758&Page=201113026