Woodlawn, 1784

“Halifax, Feb (2?) 1784. This day the proprietors of a tract of land lying on the road to Lawrence Town came to agreement of partition of division according to the adjoining [??], viz. the land colored red was [??] by Nathaniel Russel, the land [??] with water color by Ephraim (Wyman), and the land colored yellow by Richardson.”

“The German Lotts” seen at left, James Creighton’s grant as well as Blagden’s new grant seen at bottom.

No. 2 at top is in reference to the plot granted to Benjamin Bridge as seen here. (No. 5 would be to the right of No. 2, land granted to Benjamin Green, not noted here).

“New Road to Lawrencetown” is now Portland Street, here you can see the approximate location of these tracts today, the 111 highway seen at bottom, Main Street at upper left, Bell Lake at top, Russell Lake at the bottom right.

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"Halifax County Road leading to Lawrence Town", 1784. https://archives.novascotia.ca/maps/archives/?ID=181