Dartmouth Bicentennial, Starr Manufacturing Works


From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

Here we see the historic plaque unveiling at Starr Manufacturing Works during Dartmouth’s Bicentennial in 1950. The man in the middle has Just performed the ceremony. He is Leander F. Stevens who has been employed at the Starr plant, almost without interruption, since 1883. At the right is Arthur C. Pettipas, Bicentennial Chairman, who delivered the address. At left is John P. Martin, Chairman of Plaque Committee. Deputy Mayor Carl Merson presided. Guests included. Rev. E. W. Forbes, nephew of John Forbes, and Alexander Patterson, veteran champion skater. Note spring skate on upper left opposite modern model. (Skate designs by H. B. Douglass, Plaque design by Peter Douglass).

A new Company re-organized in 1939, today is employing about 35 persons. Their products include bolts, nuts, rivets and all kinds of metal fastenings. They are showing steady progress under the Presidency of Gordon D. Stanfield.