Water Street and Portland Street, 1880s


From The Story of Dartmouth, by Dr. John P. Martin:

This picture shows Water Street at the intersection of Portland Street, taken in the 1880s. The McDonald building, where the emergency hospital was set up in 1848, is the tall pitch-roof structure, long known as the skyscraper of Dartmouth. The older houses are described on pages 240 and 241 of this book. Note the granite street crossings, the haj-seales and lamp-post at Lawlor’s corner* and the colored men leaning against the Sir John Wentworth cannon at Sterns’ corner. The first modern brick building of Dartmouth, erected by Luther Sterns, adjoins McDonald’s on the south. At McDonald’s Hall, Joseph Howe denounced Confederation in May 1867. See “Speeches and Letters of Joseph Howe”, Volume II, page 508. Compare the above photo with the one on page 55, which was taken in recent years.


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