September 14th, 1907

“This first picture was taken at the intersection of Prince Albert Road and Ochterloney Street on Saturday, September 14, 1907 (Below, as it looks in more modern times). The length of the shadow of the telephone pole indicates that the morning is not far advanced, yet there is almost a complete absence of pedestrian or vehicular traffic because by this time of day the market wagons and ice-carts have passed along to the ferry. An occasional delivery team from a downtown store might go by, otherwise, the quietude remained unbroken until noon hour when workmen came out of the Skate Factory for dinner.

The picket fence (hard to see, poor photo quality) at the left enclosed the vacant field of B. H. Eaton (later, Eaton Ave). The fenced-off level due north of the Starr Factory (middle ground) was the route of Bridge Street.

Traffic to and from downtown Dartmouth crossed a small bridge in the stream opposite the present Memorial Park/ and another bridge at the head of the Starr Works where the road turned northerly to Prince Albert Road. All this was called Bridge Street.

The upper Canal bridge was built in 1886 and Ochterloney Street restored to its present shape. The route used for the previous 25 years over Bridge Street (because of the canal) was then abandoned.

Within the last century, local truckmen and teamsters backed down to the pool at the right to fill water-puncheons or wash their carriages in fine weather.”

Thanks as always to the “Story of Dartmouth” by Dr. J.P. Martin.

Also included is a map of the area from H.W. Hopkins’ excellent 1878 survey of the Town of Dartmouth.

Additionally, another great illustration from 1873 by W.O. Carlisle of what was once called Bridge Street.