Dartmouth Common, 1890s

From The Story of Dartmouth, by John P. Martin:

This picture from Dartmouth Common was taken in the late 1890s. Symonds’ Foundry, was formerly that of James Greig. The Gorham house to the left, fronted Church Street. In that residence, Mayor W. S. Symonds convened the first Town Council meeting in May, 1873. See plaque at CNR Station nearby. Opposite Gorham’s is the boat-shop of E. F. Williams. The walls of the old tobacco factory can be seen west of the small pitch-roof cottage. The corner-field this way from the cottage was then the swampy home of pollywogs and frogs, and in winter the mecca of skating children.

Turner’s yard, within the picket fence, was flooded during rainy periods. Up the slope to the right, there was an extensive and luxuriant flower garden. Joseph Moore’s high stone structure at extreme left, was then occupied by the Downey family. It fronted on Coleman Street. Across the railway in the rear stood Moseley’s paint factory.

A similar view as above (this one from 1895), looking out over the corner of Park Avenue and Alderney Drive. https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=31104991519&cm_sp=det--bsk--bdp