McAlpine’s Halifax City Directories, 1900 – 1901

Boat Builders
  • Debay, John, Dartmouth
  • Devan, James. Dartmouth
  • Mader, .Joshua, Dartmouth
  • Moseley, Eben, Dartmouth
  • Moseley, Henry, Moseley’s wharf, Dart
  • Williams, Edward, Dartmouth
Builders and Contractors
  • Webber, J A, Dartmouth
Electro Platers
  • Starr Manufacturing Co., Dartmouth
Fancy Goods
  • Stevens, W H, Dartmouth
Flour Dealers
  • Acadia Roller Mills, Dartmouth
Gents’ Furnishings
  • Sterns, L & Son, Dartmouth
Furnaces and Ranges
  • Hitchie, ,J. &, Co, 180 Portland, Dart
  • Russell, N & Son, Dartmouth
Grocers and Retailers
  • McNab, Colin, Dartmouth
  • Moseley, W. P. and Co, Dartmouth
  • Walker, E M Dartmouth
Hay and Feed Dealers
  • McNab, Colin, Dartmouth
Ice Dealers
  • Carter, Job, Dartmouth
  • Chittick, & Sons, Dartmouth
  • Hutchinson, A Dartmouth
  • Hunt, John A, Dartmouth
  • Otto, P J, Dartmouth
  • Whitely, Jas. Dartmouth
Iron Founders
  • Dartmouth Iron Foundry. Dartmouth
  • Douglas &. Co, Dartmouth
Kitchen Utensils
  • Russell, N & Co Dartmouth
Livery and Boarding and Hack Stables
  • Greene, Mrs Wm H, Dartmouth
  • Lavers, W G, 37 Ochterloney, Dart
  • Starr, Manfg Co., Dartmouth.
Machinists Supplies
  • Starr, Manfg Co., Dartmouth.
  • Lydiard, Samuel. Dartmouth
  • Crawthorne’s Mill, Dartmouth
  • Matheson, R. J., Dartmouth [road].
  • Stearns, L. and Son, Dartmouth
Mineral Waters
  • Atlantic Mineral Water Works, Dartmouth
Mining and Mill Supplies
  • Starr Mfg Co., Dartmouth.
Nail and Tack Manufacturers
  • Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd., Dartmouth.
  • Atlantic Weekly, Water, Dartmouth
Oils and Paints
  • Dominion Paint Co. Dartmouth
Paint & Putty Manufacturers
  • Dominion Paint Works. Dartmouth
Produce and Provision Dealers
  • Graham, .John R. Dartmouth
Railway & Engineer Supplies
  • Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd., Dartmouth.
Railway Spikes
  • Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd., Dartmouth.
Rolling Mill
  • Dartmouth Rolling Mill Co, Dartmouth
Ship Builders
  • Moseley, Henry. Dartmouth
  • Young, J & G. Dartmouth
Silver and Gold Works
  • Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd., Dartmouth.
Skate Manufacturers
  • Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd., Dartmouth.
Soda Water Manufacturers
  • Atlantic Mineral Water Works, Dartmouth
Stoves & Ranges
  • Russell, N & Son. Dartmouth
Sugar Refineries
  • Nova Scotia Sugar Refinery, Ltd., Office Hollis at Duke; refineries Halifax and Dartmouth
Tinsmiths, Plumbers and Gasfitters
  • Ritchie, J & Co, Dartmouth
  • Russell, N & Co, Dartmouth
  • Dartmouth Undertaking Co, Dartmouth
  • Graham, John R. Dartmouth
Wood and Coal Dealers
  • Warner, Edward. Dartmouth

Town of Dartmouth

Dartmouth Directory

McAlpine’s Halifax City Directories, 1900 – 1901.