Dartmouth Business Directory, 1864


Hon. J.W. Johnston, Judge in Equity
Hon. Joseph Howe, Commissioner of Fisheries
Lawrence Hartshorne, City Treasurer
Col. Sinclair, A.G.M.
James H. Thorne, Dep. Prov. Sec. and Chief Clerk

Rev. John B. Woods, St. Peter’s Church
Rev. O. M. Grindon, English Church

J.W. Johnston, Junr, Office, Halifax
Alexander James, Office, Halifax
J. G. Foster, Office, Halifax

T.B. Des Brisay, M.D., corner of King and Quarrel sts
R.S. Campbell, M.D., {Dealer in Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, &c.
L.E. Van Buskirk, M.D.
W.H. Weeks, King Street

Allan, J.W, Grocer and Dealer in Lumber
Brown, J.C, {General Dealer in Groceries and Liquors, &c.
Bettinsen, J, Groceries and Boarding House
Elliott, J.B., & Co, Dealers in Dry Goods
Elliot, Wm, {Soap and Candle Manufactory, and General Dealer in Groceries and Country Produce
Elliott, J, & Son, {Dealers in all kinds of Building Materials; and. Carpenters and Builders Plans and Estimates furníshed
Farrell, D, Dealer in Groceries and Lumber
Fuller, J.A, {Of the firm of J. B. Eliott & Co., Granville street, Halifax, Dealers in Dry Goods
Hyde, T.A., {General Dealer in Groceries and Country Produce
Mott, J.P., {Manufacturer and Dealer in Soap and Spices
Russell, N., & Co.. Tinsmiths and Stove Dealers
Richards, E, General Grocer
Symonds, W. S., & Co., Dartmouth Iron Foundry
Sterns, Luther, {Dealer in Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Clothing, &c.
Silver, W. & C., {Dealers in Dry Goods, Granville street, Halifax
Tapper, J.R., Groceries and Liquor Store
Walker, E.M., {General Dealer in Groceries and Country Produce
Ross, Mrs. C., General Dealer in Groceries, Liquors, &c.

Bradey, J., Carpenter
Bell, Charles, Blacksmith at Starr’s Factory
Fultz, F., House Joiner and Carriage Builder
Graham, G., Ship and House Carpenter
Gates, J.M., Carpenter
Innes, R., House Carpenter
Kingston, G.C., Wheelwright and Carriage Builder
Low, James, Ship Carpenter
Murray, H., Wheelwright and Carriage Builder
Ormon, J.R., Carpenter
Readdy, T., House Carpenter
Richard, E., Carpenter
Sawler, W., Wheelwright
Sawler, G.,Wheelwright
Vienow, E., Carpenter
Warner, E., Shipwright
York, Stephen, Coachmaker
Young, F., Shipbuilder and Repairer
Adams, George {Machinist; Machinery made and repaired
Mumford, F. {Manufacturer of Edge and Mining Tools, &c.

Allan, Frazier, Shoemaker
Gammon, W.A., Shoemaker
Grey, Robert, Shoemaker
Miller, E.H., Shoemaker
Yetter, H., Shoemaker

Bell, G., Farmer
Bissett, Farmer
Bowes, Farmer, Entrance Harbour
Bissett, J.G., Farmer
Beck, C.W., Farmer
Brennan, S.J., Farmer
Bell, Alexander, Farmer
Cooper, James, Farmer
Chittick, S., Farmer
Clifford H., Farmer
Conrod, J., Farmer (Cole Harbor)
Conrod, George, Farmer and Fisherman
Donovan, J, Farmer
Eisner, D., Farmer and Miller
Eisner, E., Farmer and Lumberman
Fisher, T., Farmer
Farquharson, A.J.P., Farmer
Farquharson, J., Farmer
Farquharson, P., Farmer
Gaston, J., Farmer
Green, W., Farmer
Hoskin, J. Farmer
Jones, I.C., Farmer
Kuhn, A., Farmer
Kennedy, P., Farmer
Mott, H.G. “J.P.”, Farmer
Manley, J., Farmer
Morash, H., Farmer
Morash, L., Farmer
McIntosh, W., Farmer
McNab, P., Junr., Farmer
O’Connor, J. Junr., Farmer
Osborne, J, Farmer, Red Head
Ritchie, T., Farmer
Ross, J., Farmer
Settle, R., Farmer
Smith, A.W., Farmer
Short, T., Farmer
Tulloch, A., Farmer
Wilson, J., Farmer
Whynock, B., Farmer and Fisherman
Wright, Henry, Farmer

Allen, R.A., {Tanner and Currier, and Dresser of Belting and Lacing
Adams, G., Machinist; Machinery made and repaired
Belcher, C.H., Water Street
Campbell, J.S., Boat Builder
Crosse, Captain , th Regt
Connors, George, Boat Builder
Crichton, G.A.S.
Dickson, R.D., Engineer, Hospital for Insane
Dart, C., Mason
Falconer, D.
Frazer, H.R., Engineer, Marine Railway
Faulkner, R., Machinist and Nailer
Fish, William
Fultz, Mrs. C.R.
Forbes, J., Superintendent at Starr’s Factory
Graham, J.R., Meat Market (Steamboat Hill)
Glendinning, H.W., {Soda Water, Ginger Beer, Lemonade Manufacturer, and Dealer in Ice
Gillard, John, Mason and Builder
Harvey, H.E., Quarrell street
Kimball, D.D, Foreman in Symonds’ Iron Foundry
Keating, W., House Builder
Laidlaw, Peter, Dealer in Ice, Canal road
Mackenzie, G. H., Steamboat Agent
Mott, T., Brickmaker and Dealer in Spices
McKinnea, Shipbuilder
Mumford, F., {Manutacturer of Edge and Mining Tools and General Blacksmith work
Mclnnes, A., Ticket Office Steamboat Company
McBain, J.C. Porto Bello
Major, Mrs. C.
Manning, Captain
Marshall, Mrs. J., Porto Bello House, Lake William
Major, Montague
McGilvrey, J., Montague
McLean, D., Town Clerk
Murray, W., Tinsmith (firm of N. Russell & Co.)
Nowling, E, Innkeeper and Dealer in Liquors
Parker, J., Painter and Glazier
Runt, J, Ballastman
Ross, Mrs, C., General Dealer in Groceries, Liquors, &c.
Rouselle, J.K., Teacher
Teas, W., Teacher
Tufts, Henry, Waterman, Tuft’s Cove
Thickens, George, Montague
Turner, J.W., Tanner
Whitley, J., Butcher
Whidden, J., Sashmaker and Grocer
Warner, R., Employed at the Marine Railway
Western, E.S., Superintendent of Marine Railway
Walker, W. G., Innkeeper, Little Salmon River
Young, George, Shipbuilder

From: Topographical township map of Halifax County, Nova Scotia / from actual surveys made, drawn, & engraved by and under the direction of H.F. Walling. Map of Nova Scotia and adjacent provinces, Creator: Walling, Henry Francis, 1825-1888, Publication Date: 1864, Map Publisher: A.F. Church and Co.