Council, May 20th 1758.

PRESENT-His Excellency the Governor,
The Lieut. Governor,
Councs: Jonn. Belcher, Benj. Green, Jno. Collier, Robt. Grant, Montague Willmot, Chas. Morris.

…… His Excellency having communicated to the Council an Extract of a Letter to him from their Lordships of the Board of Trade dated February 7th 1758, relative to the Plan framed by the Governor & Council on the 3rd day of January 1757, and transmitted to their Lordships by the Governor, for carrying into Execution His Majesty’s Instructions upon calling General Assemblies within the Province, Signifying their Lordships Approbation of the same in General, with some few alterations, which being Considered the Council came to the following Resolution thereon, vizt., That the said Plan with the amendments proposed by their Lordships shall be forthwith carried into Execution and Published in Form as follows vizt.

His Excellency the Governor, together with His Majesty’s Council having bad undler mature Consideration, the necessary and most expedient measures for carrying into execution those Parts of His Majesty’s Commission and Instructions which relate to the calling of General Assemblies within the Province, came to the following Resolutions thereon vizt.,

That a house of Representatives of the Inhabitants of this Province be the Civil Legislature thereof in conjunction with His Majesty’s Governor or Commander in Chief for the time being, and His Majesty’s Council of the said Province. The first House to be elected and convened in the following manner, and to be stiled the General Assembly, vizt.,

That there shall be elected for the Province at large until the same be divided into Counties Sixteen members, for the township of Halifax Four, for the township of Lunenburg Two.

That until the said Townships can be more particularly described, the Limits thereof shall be deemed to lie as follows vizt.,

That the Township of Halifax comprehend all the lands lying Southerly of a Line extending from the Westermost Head of Bedford Basin across to the Northeasterly Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, with all the Islands nearest to said lands, together with the islands called Cornwallis’s, Webbs, & Bous’s Islands.

That the Township of Lunenburg comprehend all the Lands between Lahave River and the Eastermost head of Mahone Bay, with all the islands within said Bay, and all the islands within Mirliguash Bay, and those islands lying to the Southwards of the above Limits.

That when Fifty qualified Electors shall be Settled at Pisiquid, Minas, Cobequid, or any other Townships which may hereafter be Elected, each of the said Townships so settled shall, for their Encouragement, be intitled to send two Representatives to the General Assembly, and shall likewise have a riglit of voting in the Election of Representatives for the Province at large.

That the House shall always consist of at least Eleven members present besides the Speaker, before they enter upon Business.

[Remaining Clauses the same as those contained in the Minutes of Council of 3rd January, 1757.]

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