Council, December 3, 1756

PRESENT-His Excellency the Governor,
The Lieutenant Governor, Benj. Green, Jno. Collier, Robt. Grant, Chas. Morris

Jonathan Belcher Esqr. took the Oaths as a Member of His Majesty’s Council of this Province, and his Seat at the Board. Proposals which Mr. Chief Justice Belcher lad laid before him the last Year for Calling a House of Representatives, and which he had at that time transmitted to their Lordships of the Board of Trade for their consideration. His Excellency also communicated Extracts from two letters which he had received from their Lordships on that head, wherein they had directed him to take such measures as he should think most proper for calling such a House, wherefore he desired the Council would give him their opinion and advice thereon.

The Council then proceeded to consider what measures would be most proper to be taken for convening the Assembly, but not coming to any resolution thereon, they adjourned the further consideration thereof to Monday next at Ten of the Clock in the forenoon.

Jno. Duport, Sec. Conc. CHAS. LAWRENCE.

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