Extract from letter of Governor Lawrence to Lords of Trade. September 26th, 1758.

As the day fixed for the meeting of the Assembly draws nigh, I hope I may be able to dispatch such business with them as may be necessary for the present, without too much loss of time in rejoining the Army as directed by the General. The principal point which I apprehend will be necessary (after the Forms requisite to be attended to upon their first coming together) is that of a sanction being given to what the Governors with the Council have hitherto done here in a legislative way, and then appointing a Committee of both Houses to prepare drafts of such laws as may be necessary for the future good Government of the Province, to be passed, upon mine or the Lieut. Governor’s return to this place. I hope I shall not find in any of them a disposition to embarrass or obstruct his Majesty’s service or to dispute the Royal prerogative, though I observe that too many of the Members chosen are such as have not been the most remarkable for promoting unity or obedience to His Majesty’s Government here, or, indeed that have the most natural attachments to the Province.

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