The Anti-American Ingredient in Canadian History

“Canada has not one but three national games. First and foremost is ice hockey. Secondly, there is the sport of determining whether a particular area or piece of legislation ought to be under federal or provincial jurisdiction. In both of these games a winner emerges periodically before the next series begins. Canada’s third national game-assessing the Canadian identity never ends and has never declared a winner.”

“…historically one very important ingredient in the Canadian identity has been an attitude which can best be labelled as “anti-Americanism”.”

“In Nova Scotia, the Halifax merchants and the military establishment strenuously opposed the Revolution. It would appear, however, that the ‘neutral Yankees’ of Nova Scotia were little affected by the views of the Halifax elite and never did develop a strong sense of anti-Americanism”

Baker, William M. “The Anti-American Ingredient in Canadian History” Dalhousie Review, Volume 53, Number 1, 1973