Expeditions of Honour: The Journal of John Salusbury in Halifax, Nova Scotia 1749–53 ed. by Ronald Rompkey (review)

“Appointed registrar and receiver of crown rents in 1749, Salusbury had nothing to recommend him for the office except the patronage of Lord Halifax. His three years were spent in Halifax reluctantly, separated from his family and out of sheer financial desperation. He set his sights on returning permanently to England as soon as possible.

The resulting degree of relative detachment on his part (or indifference as Rompkey calls it) provides a useful neutral eyewitness account of the settlement of Halifax and the worsening intrigue and corruption among its ‘paltry rascals’ as well as Indian attacks and relations with the French.”

Published in The Canadian Historical Review | Judith Fingard | 2016, https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Expeditions-of-Honour%3A-The-Journal-of-John-in-Nova-Fingard/1a1a7ce32667832c48fbc5c03b5273af34a19676, https://consensus.app/details/resulting-detachment-part-indifference-rompkey-calls-fingard/b3325857372b58d39fc2535deeaf9a4c/