Metropolitan map and street guide Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

dartmouth map

Here you can see the beltway as political actor, meant to separate what was once the Town of Dartmouth from the communities it had just annexed, Westphal, Woodlawn and Woodside, to become the City of Dartmouth.

Tacoma Drive, Penhorn Drive and Oakwood are seen straddling the highway, for a short time they connected, until they didn’t. The 111 is a provincial highway, as such, it certainly wasn’t “Dartmouth” as an entity that was involved in the expropriation required to build it.

The Black community “The Avenue” is still seen in this map, shortly before the area was “repurposed” to suit the interests of suburban and rental housing for a caste above, alongside a shopping mall.

“Metropolitan map and street guide Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada / compiled exclusively by Pathfinder Air Surveys Ltd.” Pathfinder Air Surveys 1965.