Journal of the Board of trade and Plantations, Agatha Campbell

Mrs. Campbell.
Their Lordships taking into consideration the draught of a report to the Lords of the Committee of Council, which was ordered the 28th of August last to be prepared, upon the petition of Agatha Campbell of Annapolis Royal in the province of Nova Scotia, widow, relating to her claim of right to certain quit rents in that province, the said draught was agreed, and ordered to be transcribed.

Letters from the Lieutenant Governor, with papers.
The three undermentioned letters from Colonel Armstrong, Lieut. Governor of Nova Scotia, were read, and the papers, therein referred to, were laid before the Board, viz:—
Letter from Colonel Armstrong, Lieut. Governor of Nova Scotia, dated November 15th, 1733.
Copies of several orders of the Governors of Nova Scotia, relating to the affairs of that province.
Copies of several letters from Colonel Armstrong, to divers persons, relating to the affairs of Nova Scotia.
Minutes of Council, from the 19th July, 1731, to the 11th of September, 1732.
Abstract of several grants of land in Nova Scotia by Colonel Philips and Lieut. Colonel Armstrong.
Copy of a letter from Governor Belcher of New England, to Governor Armstrong, about settling a trade with the Indians on St. John’s River.
Copy of the Bishop of Quebec’s letter, recommending a French priest to Governor Armstrong’s protection, and another letter from the Governor of Quebec on the same subject.
Letter from Colonel Armstrong, dated the 22nd November, 1732, with two papers to prove the ill state of the barracks at Annapolis Royal, and desiring the Board’s interposition in their behalf for repairs.
Letter from Colonel Armstrong, Lieut. Governor of Nova Scotia, dated 10th July, 1733.
Answer ordered.
Whereupon their Lordships, being informed that a ship is ready to sail to-morrow for Nova Scotia, directions were given for writing to Colonel Armstrong by that opportunity.

October 23.

Present:—Mr. Dominique, Mr. Bladen, Sir O. Bridgeman.

Mrs. Campbell.
Their Lordships reconsidered the draught of their report upon the petition of Agatha Campbell, (ordered to be transcribed the 9th instant), and made some amendments thereto, and agreed to consider further thereof at another opportunity.


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