Builders of Nova Scotia

“I have also thought it due to the pioneers in the religious development of Nova Scotia to give a brief sketch of the establishment of the five great denominations, the Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, Church of England and Methodists – who comprise in their membership nearly all the population of the province, where the Church has always exercised a powerful influence on the social and moral conditions of a country where the Puritan and English element of New England has, in the course of over a century, intermingled with English, Scotch and Irish and given birth to the “Nova Scotian.””

“Howe was never in his heart opposed to union in principle as I know from conversations I had with him in later times, but he thought the policy pursued by the promoters of confederation was injurious to the cause itself -that so radical a change in the constitution of the province should have first been submitted to the people at the polls, and that the terms arranged at Quebec were inadequate in the main.”

“servants”…aka slaves.

Bourinot, John George. “Builders of Nova Scotia : a historical review, with an appendix containing copies of rare documents relating to the early days of the province” [S.l. : s.n., 1899?]