A brief description of Nova Scotia with plates of the principal harbors

“Since 1749 Nova Scotia has been governed by:

  1. General Hopson in 1752
  2. Governor Lawrence in 1756
  3. Rd. Monckson, Esq. Aug 17, 1757
  4. Justice A. Belcher Oct. 1761
  5. Gov. Wilmot, 1763, died 1766
  6. Hon. Michael Franklin, Lieut.-Gov. 1766, continued two months
  7. Gov. Francis Legge 1773
  8. Lieut-Gov. Arbuthnot 1776
  9. Lieut.-Gov Richard Huhges 1778
  10. Lieut.-Gov Sir And. Hammond 1781
  11. John Parr, 1782, died 1791
  12. Richard Bulkely, president and commander in chief, Nov. 26, to May 14 1791
  13. Lieut.-Gov. Sir John Wentowrth, arrived Jan. and sworn, May 1792
  14. Lieut.-Gov Sir G. Prevost, Jan 17 1808
  15. Lieut.-Gov Sir J C. Sherbrooke, Aug 19 1811
  16. Lieut.-Gov Earl Dalhousie

“A Mr. Stokes was employed by the merchants of Milford in England, to persuade the Nantucket settlers to remove (to Milford in England): the offers were too liberal to be rejected, and the Province lost these orderly and industrious people, except Seth Coleman’s family, whose great and disinterested exertions in behalf of the poor, have secured him the favorable opinion of all men, whose approbation is valuable.

The lands behind Dartmouth, are increasing in population and agricultural improvement, which as had some effect in recovering the town. It is contemplated to open a communication by Canals, connecting the Shubenacadie with the harbor at Dartmouth: this is evidently practicable; but it is questionable, if the country be sufficiently populous, to justify so expensive a labour.”

Lockwood, A. “A brief description of Nova Scotia with plates of the principal harbors : including a particular account of the Island of Grand Manan” London : Printed for the author by G. Hayden …, and sold by Cadell and Davies …, 1818. https://www.canadiana.ca/view/oocihm.46886