A Journal of the Life, Travels, Religious Exercises and Labours in the Work of the Ministry of Joshua Evans, Late of Newton Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey

“As I was waiting in silence for right direction, and feeling the Divine presence near, it opened to me , that as my prospect of going to Nova Scotia remained weighty, my best way was to take a passage by water, from this place, if I could obtain it. I knew not that this was likely to be had; but, on going to the door soon after, a man came to me and queried, whence I came, and whither I was going. I told him I came from near Philadelphia, and was going to Dartmouth, in Nova Scotia, if I could get there; that I had been advised to go by water, but knew not how to get a passage. He then informed me of a vessel bound for that place, which was to sail the next day. My companion having walked out, and the man being willing to go with me to see the captain of the vessel, I went with him, and having found the captain, he readily agreed to take us. Upon this, I went to speak with my companion, and he uniting with the proposal, we soon agreed for a passage, the price of which was five guineas, each. The matter being thus concluded, the Friend who came with us, agreed to take back the carriage and our horses.”

“After passing through grievous sea-sickness and various difficulties, occasioned by contrary winds, fogs, and rough weather, we were favoured to land safe at our desired port of Dartmouth, on the 17th of 7th month, 1795, and were kindly received by our friend, Seth Coleman. The next day, I felt my self weak, and did not go about much. But my tongue cannot describe the feelings I had of the Lord’s loving kindness, which had been extended towards me, and is still continued towards all who are given up to serve him in humility and sincerity of heart.

19th. Being first-day, we attended the meeting at Dartmouth. It was large for the place, and proved to be a heart-tendering, favoured opportunity. We then went out about four miles to our friend Thomas Green’s, where next day, we visited three families in the neighbourhood, to good satisfaction. These Friends have had their trials, by reason of others removing away, when they had not freedom to go. Our visit was very acceptable, as coming in a needful time; which some of them expressed.

21st. We visited six other families, who seemed tender. Dartmouth is situated on the east side of Chebucto bay, and contains between fifty and a hundred houses. The town of Halifax, containing about five hundred houses, lies nearly opposite, on the west side.

23rd. We were at three meetings; one for public worship; one, a meeting of conference; and at the third hour was held their preparative meeting; in which, those who incline to marry are allowed to declare their intentions. This is on account of their situation being so remote from any monthly meeting. These were opportunities of remarkable favour; and I thought their business was well conducted. On the next first-day, we had a solemn, parting meeting, which was a favoured season; and the next day we took our leave of Dartmouth. — Many people, Friends and others, coming together, we had a solemn opportunity before we left them.”

A Journal of the Life, Travels, Religious Exercises and Labours in the Work of the Ministry of Joshua Evans, Late of Newton Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, https://books.google.ca/books?id=Z92QXSO773EC