“A Friend to Establishments”

friend of establishments

…The pernicious tenets of infidel philosophy have deeply infected, and pervaded a great portion of our hostile neigbours. That land of universal suffrage and unbounded liberty of conscience. That land, whose celebrated statesman (Jefferson) has declared “its of no consequence whether we believe in twenty Gods, or no God” – and where Condorcet’s Progress of Society, and Godwin’s Political Justice, are books that are regularly put into the hands of every youth who finishes his education at one of the principal Colleges. That land, where there is widest departure from genuine Christianity in almost every possible mode of deviation; and where infidelity has taken a deeper root, and attained a greater degree of maturity than any nation in Europe in the same portion of time, not excepting France herself. The cause is evident: when the rebellion had succeeded; every salutary restraint, every useful boundary was thrown down; they had no settled faith nor fixed form of worship; every one was let loose to follow his own crude notions, without a guide, without a beacon, without an establishment…


Acadian Recorder, 28 August 1813, Volume 1 Number 33. https://archives.novascotia.ca/newspapers/archives/?ID=786&Page=201113135