The evils of the liquor traffic, and our responsibility in reference thereto, a sermon preached in the Dartmouth Baptist Church on Sabbath evening, Oct. 29th 1882

“If the prophet had spent the forenoon in walking the streets of this town counting the liquor shops, and the afternoon in the Town Hall reading the names on the license petitions, he could not have described the traffic, and the part which the better thinking portion of our citizens take in it, in more fitting words than those of the text, “Who justify the wicked for reward.””

“There are eight men in this town selling by license, for which they pay fifty dollars each, this giving to the revenue $400. But now, on the other hand, what does it cost the town of Dartmouth to support the traffic? 1. Pauper’s bill $1,200; 2. To supporting County Prisons, $500; Salary of a second policeman, $500; Low estimate of charity given, $700; total, $2,900; all of which, or nearly all, we pay every year as the result of the rum traffic.”

Grant, E. J. The Evils of the Liquor Traffic, And Our Responsibility In Reference Thereto: a Sermon Preached In the Dartmouth Baptist Church On Sabbath Evening, Oct. 29th. Halifax, N.S.: Christian messenger, 1882.