Whale, sharks


The latter End of last Week, a Whale of about 25 or 30 Foot long, and of proportionable Bigness, whose Tail was upwards 7 Foot wide, as he was in Pursuit of the Mackrel, which are exceeding plenty in this Harbour, ran himself in between two Rocks near a Place call’d Dunk Cove, a little within Jebucta Head, and got himself so jam’d in that he could not recover himself; which being perceiv’d by some people then at Work on Shore, they took their Boat went to him and kill’d him with their Axes, and afterwards tow’d him on shore. ‘Tis remarkable, that altho’ Sharks are very seldom seen in this Harbour, yet they were so thick about the Whale ‘after he was kili’d that it was with considerable Danger as well as Difficulty they got him off the Rocks, many of them taking great Pieces out him 7 or 8 Pounds weight. We hear they expect to make about 30 Barrels of Oyl out of him.


Halifax Gazette, Sep 1, 1753. Page 2, Column 2. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=4p3FJGzxjgAC&dat=17530901&printsec=frontpage&hl=en