Valuable Real Estate for Sale at Dartmouth

Valuable Real Estate for Sale at Dartmouth.
To be sold at Public Auction,
On MONDAY the eighth day of May next, if not previously disposed of by private contract:
All that valuable Lot of Land,
situated near the first Dartmouth Lake. ad- joining the Property of Mr. William Scallon. This Property is only a few minutes walk from the Steamboat wharf, and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Dartmouth Canal. It measures 50 feet in front on the Truro Road, 39 rods in depth, and 28 rods in the rear. There is also erected thereon a two story Dwelling.
ALSO all that other Lot to the Westward of the above, measuring 31 feet in front, by 13 rods in depth.
One half the purchase money may remain on Mortgage if required. For further particulars apply to JOHN SKERRY, Solicitor. April 21, 1855.

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