Unity/Diversity: The Canadian Experience

The Acadian Recorder lamented: “‘We don’t know each other. We have no trade with each other. We have no facilities or resources or incentives to mingle with each other. We are shut off from each other by a wilderness, geographically, commercially, politically and socially. We always cross the United States to shake hands.'”

Joseph Howe, as usual, put it more pungently: “‘Take a Nova Scotian to Ottawa, away above tidewater, freeze him up for five months, where he cannot view the Atlantic, smell salt water, or see the sail of a ship, and the man will pine and die.'”

“Unlike the United States, a community created by revolution and compact, the proposed Canada was to be produced as the result of a…” coup.

Miller, J.R. “Unity/Diversity: The Canadian Experience” Dalhousie Review, Volume 55, Number 1, 1975 https://dalspace.library.dal.ca/bitstream/handle/10222/59779/dalrev_vol55_iss1_pp63_82.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y


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