To provide for the opening of a new Road from Dartmouth to Eastern Shores, 1847 c38

(see also P. & L. Acts of 1851, page 328.)

To provide for the opening of a new Road to Eastern Shores, 1847 c38

An Act to provide for the opening of a New Line of Road from Dartmouth to the Settlements on the Eastern Shores
(Passed the 17th day of March, 1847.)

WHEREAS the opening of the New Line of Road lately surveyed and laid out, leading from Dartmouth to Porter’s Lake, Chezzetcook, and other Settlements on the Eastern Shores of the County of Halifax, would be of great public utility, and it is believed that for the attainment of that object certain individuals would advance the sum of One Thousand Pounds, to be repaid by instalments in manner hereinafter mentioned:

Appointment of Commissioner &c.
I. Be it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Assembly, That when and so soon as any person shall give security to the satisfaction of the Governor, and in manner and to such amount as he shall direct, that the opening of such New Line of Road will be commenced without delay, and that monies for that purpose, to the extent of One Thousand Pounds, will be forthwith provided and paid, and advanced when and as required during the progress of the work, it shall be lawful for the Governor to appoint a Commissioner or Commissioners for the purpose of superintending the expenditure of such monies, who shall proceed to lay out the same in the opening and proceeding in the completion of the said New Road, and shall return, upon Oath, to the Secretary of the Province, a full, true, and accurate account of the monies expended thereon.

Provision for repayment of monies advanced:
II. And be it enacted, That-until all monies advanced by any such person for and towards the opening and completion of the said Road, with legal Interest thereon, shall be repaid, there shall be annually appropriated from and out of the monies granted and allotted for the service of Roads and Bridges in the said County of Halifax, one-third part of the said sum of money so advanced and expended for the aforesaid service, together with legal Interest on the principal sum from time to time remaining due, to be paid to the person who shall lend and advance the same, in whose favor it shall be lawful for the Governor to draw Warrants on the Treasury for such yearly amount ; and in case the monies so allotted shall be less than the said third part, with Interest thereon, in any one year, then, in erery such year, the whole monies so allotted and granted, shall be appropriated for the purposes aforesaid.

Act not to bind the Public Funds in case of no appropriation for Roads & Bridges:
III. And be it enacted, That in case hereafter no monies shall be granted or appropriated for the service of Roads and Bridges in the County of Halifax, nothing herein contained shall be held, or deemed to be any pledge, guarantee, or lien, of or for, or upon the Public Funds or Revenue of this Province, or of, or upon the Public for the repayment of any monies which may have been advanced for the purposes aforesaid, and which may remain and be unpaid.

“To provide for the opening of a new Road from Dartmouth to Eastern Shores”, 1847 c38