To provide for the erection of New School Houses in the Town of Dartmouth and for other purposes, 1890 c82

(Passed the 15th day of April, A. D. 1890.)

1. Town Council authorized to borrow $12,000. Debentures.
2. Authorized to borrow $600.00 for surveys. Schedule.

Whereas, at a meeting of rate-payers of Dartmouth, Recitals. held on the twenty-fifth day of March, 1890, the Town Council was authorized to apply to the Legislature for authority to borrow the sum of twelve thousand dollars for the purchase of land and the erection of school houses;

And whereas, a sum of six hundred dollars is required to defray the expense of surveys in connection with a water supply for the Town of Dartmouth;

And whereas, it is expedient to make provision for the payment of the sum last mentioned and for the borrowing of the said sum of twelve thousand dollars;

Be it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Assembly, as follows:

Town council authorized to borrow $12,000, debentures:
1. The Town Council of the Town of Dartmouth is hereby authorized to borrow on debentures, a sum not exceeding twelve thousand dollars, for the purpose of purchasing land, and erecting and furnishing school houses in the town. Such debentures shall be issued under the hand Debentures. of the Mayor and seal of the town, and shall be countersigned by the town clerk, in the form in schedule to this Act, and shall be for one hundred dollars each, or some multiple thereof, and bear interest, at a rate to be determined by the Council, not exceeding five per centum per annum, and shall be redeemable in twenty years, and the same when issued shall be a charge on all the real and personal property of or situate within the town of Dartmouth, and shall be free from municipal taxation.

Authorized to borrow $600.00 for surveys:
2. The Town Council may also borrow on debentures, Authorized to as aforesaid, a sum, not exceeding six hundred dollars, to defray the expenses incurred in connection with surveys, and other charges incurred for the purpose of providing a water supply for said town of Dartmouth; or the Council may in their discretion provide for such sum in whole or in part in the annual assessment next after the passing of this Act. The debentures issued under this section shall be redeemable in five years, if the Council so determine, otherwise the same shall be redeemable in any period, not longer than twenty years, that the Council shall determine. The said debentures shall be as nearly as may be in the form in schedule hereto, but the same shall be entitled, “special loan.”

Schedule. No— Loan for construction of Schools.
$— Transferable.
L. S.
Under the authority of the Legislature of Nova Scotia.

The bearer hereof is entitled to receive from the town of Dartmouth, in the County of Halifax, Province of Nova Scotia, the sum of — hundred dollars of lawful money of Canada, in twenty years from the date hereof, and interest for the same at the rate of — per cent. per annum, payable half-yearly, as per the interest warrants hereto annexed, payable at the office of the Town Clerk and Treasurer of said town of Dartmouth.

Dated at Dartmouth the – day of — , A. D.

A. B.

C. D.
Town Clerk and Treasurer.

“To provide for the erection of New School Houses in the Town of Dartmouth and for other purposes”, 1890 c82